4 Clothing Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Hot Summer

October 16, 2019

4 Clothing Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Hot Summer

Summer in St. Louis is that time of the year when you need to drop the layers and wear something that keeps you cool. Regardless if the weather is hot and humid, it doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish or fashionable. With the help of a custom screen printing company like ours, you can choose to decide your very own prints and designs.

Here are some clothing tips you can take help from to look your best while staying nice and cool.

  1. Wear Light Colors

One universal fact you should always remember is that dark colors tend to absorb heat and light, whereas light colors reflect off the light. Make sure the clothing you wear in summers lean more towards light neutral colors. The right St. Louis screen printing company can help you choose the right colors for you to wear either with certain custom embroidery designs or patterns and textures.

  1. Beat the heat by Wearing A T-Shirt

It is no brainer that the first thing a person will prefer to wear is a piece of clothing that keeps them cool and absorbs the sweat from your body. This is the best clothing option available to get through summers without having to invest a great deal on transforming your wardrobe. Interestingly, you can pair this article of clothing with a denim jeans or cotton pants. Get creative help and great ideas by having the best St.Louis screen printing company work on your custom tee shirt and create some innovative designs for you.

  1. Put On A Tank Top

Another clothing option you have is to wear a loose cut tank top. Tank tops allows the air to pass through the fabric, which is just what you need this summer. To make your tank tops look stylish, you can have either some embroidery on it or have a digital tee shirt design applied as well.

  1. Choose a Polo

During the summer season, the last thing you want is to wear long-sleeve tops so why not rather opt for a nice polo which you can wear with your favorite pair of jeans. If you prefer, you can have the finest of all the St. Louis embroidery and digital t-shirt printing company like ours make your own designs to give it a personalized touch.