4 Qualities of A Premium Custom T-Shirt

June 5, 2019

4 Qualities of A Premium Custom T-Shirt

When you choose to go to a professional St. Louis T-shirt printing company, you expect it to be worth your money. You want a top quality tee with embroidery that will last a long time. It makes a whole lot of a difference who you are going to pick to work with for your job.

You may have tried the best of the best. Now it’s time for you to give a local digital T-Shirt printing company a chance. You will not be disappointed when you hold out your custom apparel and see the detailed motif and wordings just the way you wanted it to be.

Get What You Ordered

When you hire a St. Louis screen printing firm that you are confident in, you have a particular design in mind. You typically wait impatiently for the days until your order is ready. The moment when you hold out your finished tees, but all your happiness is washed away when you discover it looks nothing like what you wanted it to look. We are an in town firm that will make sure that you know exactly how the embroidery will turn out before you place the order, to avoid disappointment.

Get Value For The Right Price

Price does not always play a big role in determining how much value you will receive from the services of for your project. It is not always a garauntee that you get exceptional quality even after paying a good price for it. When you go to our place, you will still get good service without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Get A Timely Delivery

You must be tired of hearing “we know we said it would be ready by today, but we assure you will have it by tomorrow or the day after at the most.” service providers know you are waiting in anticipation for the day your package arrives. Thus, you can expect to receive your delivery on the quoted date.

Get Durability In Screen printing

At times when you get your custom image design put on your garment, you start to notice the design fading out. By the fifth wash, you can barely tell what the motif was supposed to be. Well, that will not be the case if you order your silk tees from us. We make sure that there is a good cure on the ink before it comes out of the dryer. So even after its tenth wash, you won’t notice a difference in its quality. It will look just as good as new when you take it out of the washer.