4 Red Flags About T-Shirt Printing Company That You Should Know About

January 17, 2019

4 Red Flags About T-Shirt Printing Company That You Should Know About

St. Louis is extremely popular place for high-quality custom made apparels. There are many different providers offering multiple options such as embroidery, digital or even screen printing on various types of T-shirts. Each of them provides a lot of unique services and their quality may vary, making it difficult to choose one from another. However, there are 3 red flags that you must watch out for before acquiring the services of each potential candidate to ensure that your order is processed as smoothly as possible. What are those 3 red flags? Let’s find out!

They Outsource Their Orders

If a company happens to outsource their production to third-party, outside St. Louis, then you should think twice before placing an order. It is always prudent to procure services from a provider who has a local presence for a production facility. Whether you have needs for promotion tees or personalized accessories, a local facility will allow you better flexibility to make any changes in design and possibly deliver a better quality.

They Maintain No Online Presence

In today’s world, every business maintains their online presence on the internet. It allows them to promote their services and interact with their clients. If your custom T-shirt provider does not have an online social media presence, they may have something to hide, perhaps negative reviews from their clientele. It can also mean that they are relatively new in the business, therefore, may lack the necessary experience to pull off your order efficiently and timely.

They Offer No Input

An experienced and knowledgeable service provider will offer advice pertaining to design and size of your ordered T-shirts. For instance, they may suggest you should go for a digital application or maybe embroidery rather than screen printing or perhaps choose tees over sweats. If a service provider does not offer any constructive guidance or input on your order, that’s one more red flag. There is a possibility that they lack the technical expertise to deliver you high-quality services.

They Only Use Single Method

A variety of production processes are imperative to get the best quality final products. Moreover, Specific methods such as embroidery, digital and screen printing work best for different products. If your order includes multiple promotional products such as tees, mugs, caps, and other accessories, then it is essential that you only work with a provider who offers a variety of methods.

Avoiding providers with these red flags will allow you to find a company providing reliable custom design services near St. Louis.