Advantages of Technology Today

April 23, 2014

Have you considered starting up your own custom screen printing company or embroidery business? This may be the day. The advances of technology in the last 25 years have been astounding and numerous with the development of the personal computer and the World Wide Web. Do you remember when the average person did not have a computer? I certainly do. In today’s average household in St. Louis, MO, it is not uncommon for every person to have a computer, tablet, and/or cell phone. I have my custom screen printing and embroidery company structured in such a way that I can do business from wherever I am. If I have either an internet signal or a cell phone signal, everything can be accomplished that needs to be. If a potential customer is looking for custom t-shirts, where is the first place that he or she may look? If your answer is the internet, that’s correct. We acquire the vast majority of our quotes for screen printed tee shirts from a potential customer’s search on a search engine such as Google. Our web sites are structured so that when someone does a relevant search, such as St. Louis custom screen printing or St. Louis custom embroidery, our web sites are on the first landing page. Our customers find us when they have need for our services like custom screen printed T-shirts or embroidered caps. Isn’t that great? Finding customers that need your services is the biggest challenge. With a great, optimized web site, customers will find you for their custom screen printing or embroidery needs. All that is left is landing the sale.  Our customers can do everything online to complete their order. They will receive a quote via email from us. Their payment can be made through our web site. We will send a virtual proof of their custom silk screened tee shirts to them via email before printing their t shirts for their approval. Our customers either pick up their orders or we will ship it to them. Modern day technology is a huge part of our company’s success in St. Louis, MO. You can either get on board with the advances in technology or be left behind. Embrace the advances in technology and see where it may take you.