Ask Your Crush To The Prom By Wearing A Custom T-Shirt

June 23, 2020

Ask Your Crush To The Prom By Wearing A Custom T-Shirt

So, your high school is almost over and you have had your eyes on this one person the entire time but never really spoke to them about it. Nonetheless, with prom approaching, you wish to cease the opportunity and ask your crush to the prom. Like any other teenager crazy in love, a million ideas on how to ask your crush out must be running through your head but what if we told you one; a very simple yet an effective way that doesn’t include all the awkwardness?

Ask your crush to the prom by wearing a t-shirt. Still a bit confused? Here is how you can seal the deal by wearing custom screen printing or embroidery on your tee:

Customize Your T-Shirt With A Cheesy Pick Up Line

We all like a little romance, especially one that has a lot of thought put into. So, if you’re wearing a jersey with a special message, chances are you are almost half way there. If they are smart and value you, they will understand and appreciate the creativity and thought you have put into asking them out for prom. As for the custom message, pick something out of the box and creative for example add custom screen printing on your top with a message “I choose you” and then add some embroidery to your shorts.

Have Your Friends Wear Tops That Spell Out Prom

Another creative way to ask your crush out for prom that would definitely melt her/his heart is to have your friends wear a custom t-shirt that spell out the word prom via digital t-shirt printing. Similarly have another friend wear a top with a question mark on it. Brief your friends their locations respectively and wait until your crush is at a perfect spot, then ask your friends to turn around. Your crush would be flattered with the amount of effort you put into asking her/him out.

Write A Poem and Let The Digital T-shirt Printing Do The Talking

If you have known her long enough, you probably understand the things that flatter her. Mix that up with how you feel about her in a poetic sense and have it put on your jersey. Girls love poetry and this is more romantic than someone poetically describing what you mean to them. So, write a sweet short poem and let the poetic embroidery do the talking.