Being the first on the landing page for Google search

April 4, 2023

Okay, so let’s recap. Last time we touched on all the different aspects of
trying to start a successful campaign regarding opening up a St Louis
digital t-shirt printing company and where do you even start.

We also touched on the fact that knowledge is power but where do you
acquire this knowledge.

I mentioned that a good starting place would be to get on a major search
engine and do a relevant search such as “find the top 10 successful St Louis
screen printing and embroidery companies” and see who comes up on that first
landing page. It’s certainly no coincidence that you’re seeing the sites
that are there over the ones that are not. Look at how they are laid out.
You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel here. Just consider,
implementing some of the same strategies and formats that you’re viewing. I
also mentioned the fact that we are living in a digital age now where
pretty much anything you want to know is accessible as long as you know the
right questions to ask.

This week I’d like to concentrate on the aspect of sales and marketing
because in my opinion, that is the very most important aspect of any
business venture . Here’s an example. You could be the very best Saint
Louis custom embroidery company out there, but if no one can find you when
they do a relevant search, you are likely going to miss that bid

So once again, I want to emphasize how important it is to make sure that
your site is going to be on that first landing page. People’s attention
spans are very short. I’ve read that you have approximately 5 seconds to
capture their attention and if you don’t, they are going to click off your
site and on to someone else’s. So now that we identified where to start my
next blog will be various tips regarding your marketing strategies that
you’ll want to consider implementing.