Choosing a competent screen printer and embroiderer

May 17, 2016

We are not considered to be the best St. Louis screen printing company for nothing. It has taken many years of hard work and dedication to our craft to establish a stellar reputation. On the other hand, it only takes a few bad jobs to tarnish it. Pretty much any St. Louis embroidery company can handle a simple one or two color application. However, many of our competitors turn away a lot of the jobs that we take on. We are not intimidated by the complex job. In fact, we actually look forward to taking on a challenge. So many of the everyday applications are simple and others are very complicated pieces of artwork. We take a lot of pride in being able to turn out a difficult project with excellence. Many times we’ll provide an extra item just for ourselves in order that we can hang it on our wall and display it.

I’m going to give you what I hope is some helpful advice for the next time you’re in the market for some digital T-shirt printing, as well as custom screen printing. The very most important part of the equation is starting out with a good clean piece of artwork. No matter how well we do our job we are never any better than the artwork from which it came. If the image is compromised, the finished product will not look good either. The ideal scenario would be for the image to be created with 300 dots per square inch in the exact size that you would want it to appear on the finished product. Keep in mind that if you take something that is extremely small like a business card and you blow it up 10 times the original size is going to appear to be very grainy and distorted.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the time sensitivity of when you need your product completed. Normal turnaround time is two weeks. That being said, we have been known to jump through hoops and get things completed in a fraction of that time, but it all depends on our current workload which can change from one week to another. Also keep in mind that our online catalog has over 10,000 different items and it is impossible to stock every item in every size and color. Therefore, we recommend you allow approximately 3 days for your blank apparel to even arrive at our production facility. We also want to have time to submit a virtual example of what your custom T-shirt is going to look like before we ever start the production process. It doesn’t however, act as a perfect representation of the color ink that is going to be used, but it does make sure that everything is going to be laid out the way you prefer it to be as well as spelled correctly. Every smart phone as well as computer monitor is going to be calibrated a little differently from another therefore it is not going to be a total accurate color match.

You are however welcome to come by our production facility and check the ink before we start the screen printing or embroidery process. This is one of the advantages of dealing with a St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company instead of one that is out of town.