Content Is King

September 9, 2022

When it comes to marketing, it’s not uncommon that little things can have a huge impact. It’s not uncommon that there can be a very fine line between mediocrity and overwhelming success and it’s often in the small details that people tend to overlook. Let’s talk about your website. I have seen people spend over $1,000,000 on development and trying to build a site that has all these fancy bells and whistles. However, the most important part of the equation are not the bells and whistles. It’s the ability for people to easily find your company when they’re in the market for obtaining whatever it is you sell. More than not, people have very little patience and they’re looking for instant gratification when doing a search. If you’re not located on the very first landing page then they’re going to call somebody who is. Let’s put it this way. Why would you build a major Shopping Center in the middle of the Mojave Desert where nobody drives by? That would be a really bad idea. Let’s say you’re trying to market a St. Louis t-shirt printing company who offers custom screen-printing & embroidery. I would start out by asking myself, what search term is going to be relevant.

There’s an old saying when it comes to building a site that is easily found – CONTENT IS KING. For example, I would load it full of keywords that I considered to be commonly used by potential customers such as St Louis digital t-shirt printing or St Louis screen printing. When your site is full of this particular content it’s going to have a better shot at showing up when one searches the internet. Another recommendation that I would strongly encourage is to hire and experienced designer who has experience in web optimization. There’s a time to recognize your limitations and not try to do everything yourself. In an attempt to try and save a few dollars it could also cost you a whole lot of business. I’m not saying that you should take this approach with all your marketing needs but this particular requirement should be left up to the professionals who do it everyday.

Understand that you are not a one-man band. There is great power in networking and if you’re doing it with the right personnel, there’s no limit how far they can take you. Also, understand that there’s only so many working hours in a day so you are running your business and the business is not running you.