Difference between Sales and Marketing

June 5, 2023

If memory serves me correctly, last time we spoke about marketing and
sales, not being exactly the same thing but they still compliment each
other tremendously. You can be the very finest St Louis digital t-shirt
printing company available but if someone can’t find you when they need
your services then you’re probably not going to get the job unless it
happens to potentially be a repeat customer. Let’s take one more look at
the anatomy of a sale. It all starts with finding a potential customer who
needs whatever it is you’re trying to Market at that particular point in
time. The next critical part of the equation would be referred to as the
close. All this really means is that you need to give this client a reason
why they should use your St Louis embroidery company over a competitors.
That could be determined by a number of different ways.
Of course price is one of those determining factors. That being said, the
old cliche that mentions you get what you pay for certainly does hold true.
If it seems to be too good to be true, there’s probably a number of reasons
for that. That being said, there is certainly no status and paying more
than you need to either. Another huge factor that you need to convey to
your potential customer is dependability. My point of making is that it
doesn’t benefit them to save a few dollars on a job if they’re order
happens to be for an event that’s time sensitive and they don’t end up
getting them in time. Yet another significant point distress would be the
quality of your work. Cheap doesn’t mean much if the order was processed
incorrectly. I have asked my customers in the past, that I will give you
three choices you can have any two out of the three you choose. Would you
like them quick or fast or inexpensive. Choose any two you want but you
can’t have all three. Another strong recommendation that I would make is to
not sell yourself short. Anybody can give it away but it takes a salesman
to sell it. Never forget that you’re in business to make a fair profit and
the day that you can’t do that, I would recommend finding another line of
business to break into. What is it profit you, if you sell a million
dollars worth of custom screen printing a month but you quoted them so low
that you didn’t make any money. All you did was take on an enormous amount
of responsibility and work your tail off for nothing. Tune in for the next
block we’ll cover some of the advantages of trying to do business in a
digital age.