Establishing a quality embroidery company

June 29, 2016

The first thing you need to understand when starting the process of establishing a terrific piece of custom embroidery is that the machine that you are using is never going to be any better than the individual who created the software that tells it how to apply it. Although many pieces of artwork are similar, they are all at the same time going to be unique unto themselves.

This type of equipment has come leaps and bounds over the last 10 to 15 years. The needle is moving faster than you can see it and able to apply well over 300 stitches per minute. It is also capable of making color changes on the fly where you don’t have to manually change over the thread. They also have automatic trimmers which can significantly increase your output and cut the production time in almost half of what it used to take. One of the most important factors that we take into consideration when putting together a quote is quantity. This is because you have the same exact set up to produce one item as you would 50. We are extremely good at what we do and the more efficient we are at what it is that we do, the more competitive price we can come up with and we will not only benefit, but the end user will also come out ahead. Think of digitizing as a GPS that tells the needle where to go and how to get to its destination efficiently. It can also avoid problems such as taking inefficient routes to get to the custom logos final destination in the quickest time possible. Although you can take a lot of different side streets and they will all eventually get you to where you’re going, you normally would prefer to take the highway because it’s going to be a lot faster.

An accomplished digitizer will take into consideration every aspect of the image and figure out what is going to be the most efficient way for the machine to stitch the image. He or she will also try to take in to consideration what type of material or substrate the embroidery is going to be applied to. Different types of fabric push and pull and stretch at different rates which can significantly complicate the application process and play a large role in the quality of the completed product. Sometimes customers request their company logo on caps which are round in shape. This means that the design is going to have to be sewn on a radius which will be a completely different type of application then applying it to something that is flat like a T-shirt. An image that is created to work on a round garment will almost always work on a flat item but not the other way around. If the digitizer knows that you might consider the possibility of doing caps later on down the line, he can create the software where it will work on either one and you won’t have to incur the expense of making another tape later on down the line.

We have always taken the approach of providing our clientele with a digital sample as well as a completed sew out of their logo before we ever go to put it on any product. This extra step obviously takes more time, but it helps to make sure that everything is going to be perfect. We are a St. Louis screen printing company who would like to take care of all your custom T-shirt requirements. We also have the finest equipment that the T-shirt printing industry currently has available such as being able to cater to digital and inkjet applications. We would ask that in the event that you do not want to work together, you would at least try to use a local St. Louis t-shirt company in order to keep the money local where it recirculates throughout our city.