Giving our customers knowledge

December 8, 2017

We have always been a big believer that excellent customer service is the major difference between one St. Louis screen printing company and another. Let’s just give most of them the benefit of the doubt that they are all very capable when it comes to reproducing and replicating a typical one or two color image onto a light-colored garment. That’s as basic as you can get. Surprisingly enough, that is all that your normal everyday company logo consists of. It’s very common nowadays that when you reach out to a business that you are not going to actually be able to talk to a real person. There’s an excellent probability that you’re going to be forced to leave a voice mail in hopes that someone is going to actually call you back in a timely manner. We are of the strong opinion that that is a very poor way to do business and especially address a potential order. We much rather prefer to speak to you at that moment when you reached out to us instead of a day or two later because at that point you might not even need us any longer. We want to be able to discuss with you your particular situation, as well as evaluate several possible solutions to any potential challenges that you might be incurring. Our average every day customer who is looking for a St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company does not really understand the process. We feel that it is our job to educate you on all the different possibilities and different alternatives as there is certainly more than one way to get an image on a t-shirt. We would much rather convey several ideas and thoughts on the matter and have you tell us that none of them were of interest than not educate you on different options. We will just give you our perspective and let you make up your mind on which way is going to better serve your interests.

One of the most important components of your custom T-shirt is going to be in the ability to supply us with good clean artwork that we consider to be camera ready and printer friendly. It doesn’t matter how accomplished we are at custom screen printing if we don’t have good art. The finished product is never going to be any better than the image that it started out with. It is compromised in any way, the end product is not going to be any better than what you started out with. It needs to be nice and clean and a high enough resolution to lend itself to a good result. 300 dots per inch is usually preferred, but you need to keep in mind that when you take something that’s very small like business card size and you go to blow it up for a full front application, it will normally start to break up and become very grainy.

On the other hand, custom embroidery is a whole different type of application. We have to create a piece of software that tells the computer how to sew the image so we can usually work from a typical JPEG. We are a St. Louis screen printing and embroidery company that wants to work with you. Please give us a call and discuss your job specifications and we will do our best to put together a scenario that’s going to be equally beneficial for everyone involved.