Golf Shirt Trends

June 23, 2015

There are new trends as far as the golf shirt or plackets are concerned. New trends in the wholesale garment industry in response to what customers are wanting. You and I want not only comfort, but quality at an affordable price. There are new materials on the market now that were not before.

Today’s polo trends are largely influenced by the expansion of 100 percent polyester and polyester blends. Lycra and spandex are now added to the polyester blends and are becoming more popular. With the addition of Lycra and spandex, it brings another level of comfort with stretch and flexibility. Shirts with Lycra will be more expensive because Lycra is an expensive material.

There are some cheaper alternatives. At the lower end, we are seeing value cotton of 60/40 cotton/polyester blends. Although the marketplace is heading further into 100% polyester and polyester blends, there will always be the consumer who wants the cotton and cotton blends, along with their cost advantages.

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