Integrity and communication in business

October 28, 2016

What is it that sets one St. Louis T-shirt printing company apart from another? I’ve heard it’s been said that little things mean a lot and this rule is certainly no exception when trying to figure out who you want to put your faith in and work with when it comes to your custom embroidery projects. Let’s just give our competitors the benefit of the doubt that they are going to be able to cater to a simple one or two color logo. Pretty much anybody can do that, but we take great pride in being able to take on the jobs that other St. Louis embroidery companies tend to shy away from. Many of the projects that we cater to are literally very complex pieces of artwork. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a t-shirt company.

We follow a strict procedure right from the start to make absolutely sure that everything is going to be processed correctly and there is no miscommunication. The very first thing we do after we receive your free quote request is call you. This is because we have learned from experience that there is no substitute for audible conversation. E-mails as well as text messages certainly do have their place, especially when it comes to keeping an accurate record of whatever was discussed and eventually agreed upon. However, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to gaining valuable insight on your project as well as any challenges that you may be facing such as an extra quick turnaround time or limited amount of funds to work with. The more information that you are able to convey to us literally increases the chances of our screen printing company coming up with reasonable solutions to any challenges that you may be facing in order to work out a scenario where you’re going to be just as grateful to have worked with us as we will be appreciative having have been able to provide you with what you needed. This is just what we would consider to be good business.

We live and die with the repeat order along with the awesome referrals that our satisfied clientele gives us once the job is finished and delivered on time. The only thing that we would ask of you is that once the job has run its course and you were happy with the service that we provided, that you would get on Google and write us a good review. It’s amazing how many people tend to find us after doing a relevant search on the Internet. Once they happen to stumble upon our site they often take the time to read this type of thing and form an opinion of whether they can trust us or not as well as trying to navigate which one of the many St. Louis T-shirt printing companies they would like to work with.

We recently started catering to digital applications as well. This certainly gives us the equipment that we need to be able to not only take on large orders such as 500 pieces or more, but also be able to cater to as low as 12 items at a time. Please give us a call when you need custom T-shirts.