Knowledge is Power

December 10, 2016

When it comes to establishing a successful company, there are many things to take into consideration like having a concise, clear plan of action before jumping right into action. There is an old saying that reads, those who fail to have a good plan also plan to fail. Life experience has taught me that this is certainly true. Somebody once said that experience is the best teacher, but that certainly doesn’t hold true in business. I would much rather learn from the mistakes of someone else who went before me in order that I can avoid some of the same bad experiences that they might have been encountered. If knowledge is power then how does one go about acquiring good direction? Someone once said, to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I have learned that you can acquire a great deal of knowledge by studying your competition.

Go to a major search engine and put in a keyword that is relevant to your industry. For example, for my industry the search terms may be St. Louis custom screen printing or St. Louis custom embroidery. This will take you to a landing page with 10 or more of the leaders in your industry. Understand that it is no coincidence that they are showing up. They are there for a reason. The search engines appreciate the quality of the way that it was put together and they are rewarding them with top placement over their respective competitors. Click on to their websites and view them carefully. What do you see? I suspect that you will notice that it was put together well. You will also notice that there is most likely a great deal of content. I have always been of the opinion that marketing as well as sales are the two most important things that will determine whether you are growing at an exponential rate or staying stagnant and going nowhere. Think about this, even if you are the best St. Louis T-shirt printing company in the entire city, you would never get a chance to prove that unless you got the opportunity to quote on the job in the first place.

When you analyze and breakdown the anatomy of a sale, there are two major components. The first and most difficult part of this equation is that you need to find someone who needs custom screen printing and embroidery at this particular moment. There is an example of what I am referring to. Let’s just say that you’re an automobile salesman and you are running an unprecedented sale this month, it really is of no interest to someone who doesn’t happen to be in the market for a car at that moment. So the key is to find someone who needs whatever it is that you are selling at that particular moment in time.

Trying to establish a successful marketing campaign for a St. Louis screen printing company is certainly no exception to this rule. You can launch a very exciting custom embroidery campaign, but if they’re not in the market at that very moment it will most likely be relevant. On a different note, please remember us when you eventually are actively shopping for the very best screen printed or digital custom T-shirt printing value. We will make sure that we make it worth your while.