Made in America

July 18, 2014

In America’s history, U.S. used to be a manufacturing super power, imbedded in textile manufacturing. However, with the increasing interest in higher paying, more skilled jobs by American workers, along with a variety of international factors, this has led to a steady decline in domestic manufacturing. American made textiles are making a come-back with a growing number of companies focused on bringing production, and the jobs that come with it, back home.

The main motivation for outsourcing goods has long been cost – cost for the manufacturer and ultimately, the cost for the consumer. Just go to Walmart and you will see the cost for a tee shirt that is made in China versus a t-shirt that is American-made. However, sometimes there is a sacrifice of quality for the lower price tag, but not always. Companies want to bring back production of textiles to the United States. In fact, the production of textiles has grown over the past four years in the States as the price of imported goods has steadily climbed, approximately 25 percent per year. In effect, the incentive to make and buy “homemade” goods continues to rise.

Why has the price of imported goods increased steadily over the past 4 years? According to experts, it is because of a growing middle Asian middle class and a shrinking labor force in China.

What will we see in the future as far as U.S. made textiles? Many believe that more and more companies will get on the bandwagon and start manufacturing again here in the States. Typically, with U.S. textiles such as t shirts, you can expect better quality and know that there are Americans who have jobs here.

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