Making a Sales Call

March 7, 2016

The anatomy of a sale consists of two parts. The most challenging piece of the puzzle is trying to seek out someone who needs whatever it is that you are trying to sell them at that particular moment in time. Here is a good example, let’s say you’re that you are a car salesman. You could be running the strongest deal in town, but if they’re not currently in the market for an automobile then it doesn’t matter what you have to say, they’re probably not going to purchase one from you at that particular moment. Maybe if you’re lucky, they will happen to remember you later on down the line when they eventually are, but until then, it’s simply not going to happen.

The other key component to this two-part equation is referred to as the closing. This simply means that they are convinced that by using you they are going to get the best overall value that they possibly can. When I first started this St. Louis screen printing company, I used to walk down the street and go door to door introducing myself. I would say something like my name is Mike Fadem and I own a company called Sunburst logo LLC. Although I realize that you’re probably not in the market for any custom embroidery at this particular moment but the next time that you are looking for a St. Louis T-shirt printing company, I would like to have a chance to at least bid on it. I understand that if I cannot give you a significantly better offer than you’re accustomed to receiving then there really would not be any good reason for you to make a change. Therefore, once we can identify what your requirements are I will be able to try and come up with a scenario where you are as comfortable using us as we are providing your digital T-shirt printing for you. We live and die on the repeat orders as well as the great referrals and we are confident that if we can impress you this first time around than the repeat orders along with the good referrals will simply take care of themselves.

We are a local St. Louis T-shirt printing company. Unlike a lot of our competition who are located out of town, we can often deliver your finished product after it has been completed which saves time as well as shipping charges. In many situations we can provide you with a physical sample of your completed product before we ever actually complete it. An out of state manufacturer cannot provide this. The best they can do is give you a virtual example which is definitely better than nothing, but it is not an accurate representation of color. The computer monitor is calibrated differently and depending on what type of camera you are using as well as the lighting in the room is going to have an effect on what you are actually viewing. Once you go to open up the box it is way too late to make any changes.