Modern Technology

January 13, 2014

Modern technology has had a significant impact on almost every sector
of our economy and the screen printing and custom embroidery industry
are no different. I remember the old days when my father who was also
a business owner would have to drive into a physical location just to
simply answer his phone. I remember as a young boy going to work with
him and I noticed that he had a brand new phone cord that could reach
up to 12 feet. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow that’s amazing!
What will they think of next?”. Running a silk screening company in
the year 2014 is a lot of fun. Technology has made it so easy and
offers advantages that my father never even dreamed of. The fact that
I can run my screen printing and embroidery company from anywhere in
the world as long as I have a Smart phone and a laptop is in itself
liberating. I can be working from my kitchen table in my underwear or
playing golf and as long as I can get phone reception, I don’t miss a
beat. My new customers typically find us on one of the major search
engines by typing in a search term like St. Louis embroidery or St.
Louis screen printing company or even St. Louis T-shirt printing and
find our website. At that point, the whole process is done efficiently
via e-mail and from my website. A simply e-mail is sent to me with
their company logo along with the quantity of T-shirts that they are
interested in. I then e-mail them back a quote that’s good for up to
two weeks and if they decide that they would like to work together, we
both have a record of what was presented. My customer doesn’t even
have to mail me a check. They simply click online payment and process
the down payment along with the balance when the job is finished via
PayPal. I never thought running a company could be this easy. It makes
me wonder what advantages that technology has in store for the
entrepreneur in the next 10 years?