The Start of My Custom Screen Printing Business

Wow, how time flies! In the blink of an eye, it is 18 years later. 18 years ago I started my own custom screen printing business. I did not know anything about the business, but what I did have was drive, ambition, and passion. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have had a number of businesses before I started my present business. Back when I started the company, I was married with a daughter. I needed to find a career that wasn’t seasonal. Before the screen printing and embroidery business, I had an asphalt company. I worked extremely hard for seven or eight months and then, business would come to an abrupt end with the hard winters in St. Louis. How did I think of starting the custom screen printing t-shirt business? One day I was people-watching at one of the local St. Louis, MO shopping malls. I often study people’s behavior by doing this. I was there because it was the off season for the asphalt business. Suddenly, my eye caught something that it never did before…the vast majority of people that I observed were wearing some type of custom screen printed garment or embroidered baseball cap. I thought to myself, “I can do this. I can make these shirts and caps.” There started my quest. I bought a cheap, broken down press and put it in my garage. I didn’t have the faintest idea what it took to produce a quality product, but I was committed to giving it my best effort. I knew that I could sell the tee shirts; I just needed to figure out the production of the t-shirts. Many shirts were ruined in the process, but I did not let that stop me. Along the way, with the help of some experienced screen printers, I learned and today I have a thriving custom screen printing and embroidery business. If you are in the market for quality custom screen printed t shirts and embroidered polos or caps, please give us a call. Good luck in your ventures!

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The Art of T-shirt Printing

When it comes to St. Louis T-shirt printing, there is a tremendous difference between one screen printing company and another. They are not all created equal. We will give them all the benefit of the doubt that they can all produce a simple one or two color image. What separates the men from the boys in the silk screening industry is a company’s ability to replicate the most complex of artwork. It all starts with the person generating good artwork that is conducive to applying it on a T-shirt. There are a lot of accomplished graphic artists out there who know how to make an image jump off of a computer monitor, but that in no way lends itself to the screen printing process. For example, an image that is 70 dots per square inch resolution can look good from a monitor, but that will in no way lend itself to a good clean silkscreen application. We would consider 300 dots per inch to be optimal. Applying an image to a 100 percent cotton or a 50 percent cotton 50 percent polyester substrate through a fine mesh and using a plastic ink is a completely different type of application. If the artist who is composing the image has no firsthand experience when it comes to tee shirt printing then you are much better off leaving it in the hands of somebody who has. With today’s technology we have the advantages of being able to outsource our artwork to any graphic designer in the world. Therefore, it is not necessary that they are located in St. Louis. With the advantage of being able to e-mail information at the speed of light halfway around the world, one has a whole lot of options when deciding where they are going to get the best overall value on their artwork and logo development. We are a St. Louis T-shirt printing company who prides ourselves in our ability to provide you with a great finished product and still work within the confines of what your budget will allow. We believe that we have the right strategies to offset your limited resources and get our customer the very best overall value for their money. We live and die on the repeat order as well as the referral and it is our mission to create a scenario where you were going to be as comfortable using us to supply you with your custom screen printing as we are providing it for you. In this way, the referrals and repeat orders will simply take care of themselves. By the way, we also provide custom embroidery.

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Advantages of Technology Today

Have you considered starting up your own custom screen printing company or embroidery business? This may be the day. The advances of technology in the last 25 years have been astounding and numerous with the development of the personal computer and the World Wide Web. Do you remember when the average person did not have a computer? I certainly do. In today’s average household in St. Louis, MO, it is not uncommon for every person to have a computer, tablet, and/or cell phone. I have my custom screen printing and embroidery company structured in such a way that I can do business from wherever I am. If I have either an internet signal or a cell phone signal, everything can be accomplished that needs to be. If a potential customer is looking for custom t-shirts, where is the first place that he or she may look? If your answer is the internet, that’s correct. We acquire the vast majority of our quotes for screen printed tee shirts from a potential customer’s search on a search engine such as Google. Our web sites are structured so that when someone does a relevant search, such as St. Louis custom screen printing or St. Louis custom embroidery, our web sites are on the first landing page. Our customers find us when they have need for our services like custom screen printed T-shirts or embroidered caps. Isn’t that great? Finding customers that need your services is the biggest challenge. With a great, optimized web site, customers will find you for their custom screen printing or embroidery needs. All that is left is landing the sale.  Our customers can do everything online to complete their order. They will receive a quote via email from us. Their payment can be made through our web site. We will send a virtual proof of their custom silk screened tee shirts to them via email before printing their t shirts for their approval. Our customers either pick up their orders or we will ship it to them. Modern day technology is a huge part of our company’s success in St. Louis, MO. You can either get on board with the advances in technology or be left behind. Embrace the advances in technology and see where it may take you.

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T-shirt Purchasing Tips

When shopping for screen printing in St. Louis , keep in mind that just like shopping for anything else you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always the best overall value. After all, what good does it do you if you have a time sensitive event On August 7 and your T-shirt doesn’t show up till Aug 9th? There is a lot to be said for customer service, as well as dependability.

We would recommend that you acquire three competitive quotes from St. Louis-based T-shirt companies and then compare apples to apples and go with the best overall value. If there is a huge price spread between the highest and the lowest quote, then you should ask yourself, “Why am I entertaining the potential of working with a company that is going to stand behind their work, if there are any type of problems associated with the order?” For example, anyone can make a mistake. The difference between one T-shirt printing company and another is how they handle it. In other words, do they stand behind their work as well as their promise to get them completed on time? What type of checks and balances do they have in place in order to make sure that your tee shirts are processed correctly and delivered on time? How long have they been in business? Have you read any reviews concerning their past performance?

Our company takes the attitude that we would always rather error on the side of caution than make a mistake when it comes to processing your order. For example, we take the extra time to provide our clientele with a virtual proof of their completed T-shirt before we ever actually go to print them. Of course this takes longer, but it ensures that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way it should be before we actually go to start the screen printing process. In this way, if there does happen to be a mistake it is very easily corrected. When it comes time to open up a box of completed product that is not a good time to ask you how you like them.

When it comes to obtaining the very strongest value for every dollar spent, I believe there is no status in over paying. That being said, I don’t want to be penny wise and dollar foolish. I would much rather receive a great job for a fair price, than a poor job for an even better price.

Consider giving us a chance to bid on your St.Louis custom embroidery and silk screening requirements and we will then attempt to come to an arrangement where you are as comfortable acquiring your custom T-shirts from us as we are making them for you.

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Modern Technology

Modern technology has had a significant impact on almost every sector
of our economy and the screen printing and custom embroidery industry
are no different. I remember the old days when my father who was also
a business owner would have to drive into a physical location just to
simply answer his phone. I remember as a young boy going to work with
him and I noticed that he had a brand new phone cord that could reach
up to 12 feet. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow that’s amazing!
What will they think of next?”. Running a silk screening company in
the year 2014 is a lot of fun. Technology has made it so easy and
offers advantages that my father never even dreamed of. The fact that
I can run my screen printing and embroidery company from anywhere in
the world as long as I have a Smart phone and a laptop is in itself
liberating. I can be working from my kitchen table in my underwear or
playing golf and as long as I can get phone reception, I don’t miss a
beat. My new customers typically find us on one of the major search
engines by typing in a search term like St. Louis embroidery or St.
Louis screen printing company or even St. Louis T-shirt printing and
find our website. At that point, the whole process is done efficiently
via e-mail and from my website. A simply e-mail is sent to me with
their company logo along with the quantity of T-shirts that they are
interested in. I then e-mail them back a quote that’s good for up to
two weeks and if they decide that they would like to work together, we
both have a record of what was presented. My customer doesn’t even
have to mail me a check. They simply click online payment and process
the down payment along with the balance when the job is finished via
PayPal. I never thought running a company could be this easy. It makes
me wonder what advantages that technology has in store for the
entrepreneur in the next 10 years?

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