Impact of Social Media on Screen Printing Companies

Impact of Social Media on Screen Printing Companies

In this digital era, the importance of Social media could not be understated. It has a huge impact on the screen printing companies. Let’s check out some of its benefits.

Connect with your local community

Many small businesses like to stay in touch with their local community. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to connect with your local community, providing you a comprehensive platform to market your products and services to your prospective clientele.

You can post photos of your products, start discussions, or perhaps create an event, which will engage your customers on a personal level. Moreover, you can ask them to review and share your products on your behalf. This will lead to increased reputation and popularity, which will potentially generate new customers.

Visual Platforms

As a custom apparel owner, I’m very aware that you have a plenty of tangible products to offer to your customers. It is imperative that they are able to see your portfolio, and social media gives you an online podium to showcase all your collection.

The online consumption of visual media has reached its all-time high, mainly due to the availability of smartphones. Posting your content online, especially on famous channels like Instagram and Facebook, can get brand exposure and awareness at an extremely low cost.

Economical Marketing

A good marketing strategy is vital for screen printing companies to stand out from the competition. The social media, arguably, provides the most economical and effective opportunity to promote your products.

Furthermore, you will be able to focus on a more targeted market and offer personalized services to them, which can potentially lead to more conversions. Facebook also allows you to create store pages, where you can offer promotions and use a wide range of marketing parameters to cater your customers more efficiently.

SEO Boost

You must be wondering what SEO has to do with social media? Well, they are not isolated from each other. Your social media posts contain keywords and links that redirect the followers to your official website, which plays a large part in customer acquisition through an online platform.

An effective SEO campaign optimizes your posts for searches, mainly focusing on locally-optimizing the posts. For instance, when you are marketing your custom decorated garments, you must incorporate words like digital, T-shirt and other keywords which complement your tees collection.

If you are looking for a custom silk provider and embroidery company in town, give us a try. We are very capable of produce highest quality T-shirt, particularly when there is embroidery is required, which by the way are made using latest technologies rather than old silk method technique. What sets us apart from other St. Louis competition is our attention to detail, which results in a superior quality product. Our pricing is so competitive that they encourage customers to go out and compare our prices from their St. Louis digital t-shirt printing competitors.

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Why Digital T-Shirt Printing is the Best Option

Why Digital T-shirt Printing is the Best Option

The majority of the imprinting business is looking for solutions to produce higher color output with shorter runs. The custom St. Louis T-shirt industry is, therefore, inclining towards the digital printing. Industry experts believe that it is mostly inspired by the idea of mass customization.

This trend has also created a market for highly-customized tees in smaller quantities. The customers also wants to imprint any photo they have on their apparel without compromising quality, which is very difficult to achieve using other processes like silk method, etc.

However, many businesses have been holding back on incorporating this modernized method in their screen printing, custom transfer business. This is because they have heard several misconceptions about its operating efficacy. The most common ones include:

  • Maintaining its equipment is very time-consuming.
  • The ink costs are very expensive.
  • It is not very quick

These are only some of the myths that are surfacing on the internet. However, these are either bias opinions or information that is based on outdated data.

Therefore, we have created a list of benefits of digital T-shirt printing over the conventional silk process.

Smaller Print Works – It is an ideal choice for businesses who want to run prints in smaller batches. Especially when the printing work is frequently required in the very small volume of custom tees, it makes an ideal choice.

High Quality – It offers high-quality and consistent result compared to other options like offset. The colors quality is flawless and no harsh lines problems are incurred. The quality of the first item off the press is the same as that of the last.

Timeliness – The process is as simple as using the home printer at your home. It allows the company to reduce the turnaround time resulting in a quicker delivery of the final product. Screen printing, on the other hand, require stencils which consumes a lot of time hence delivering this fast is not possible using faster screen printing process.

Cost-effectiveness – As there are no plates involved in the production process, there is no need for the big amount of investment in the equipment. It also means that there are low variable costs per single job like providing samples or completing one-off orders.

Customization – It provides the most affordable and versatile options when it comes to the customization. The advanced software gives you complete control over the process, allowing you to tweak every inch of detail and shaping it as you originally intended. It is specifically useful in embroidery work where precision is very important.

The final words

No requirement of creating plates or producing large batches makes digital printing an ideal option for the companies. You can also get a single print and highly tailor your tees as per your requirements. The process is very advanced and does not require a heavy investment.

If you are looking for a St. Louis custom embroidery company, then pick up your phone and give us a call. We produce highest quality T-shirt, particularly on the most difficult of applications, which are made using latest digital technologies rather than old silk method technique. What sets us apart from other St. Louis embroidery companies is the attention to the smallest of detail, which results in a superior quality product. Their pricing is so competitive that they encourage customers to check prices from their competitors.

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Training a new salesperson

I can remember a few years back having a conversation with one of my salespersons who seemed to be having a tough time closing deals with potential clients who were on the edge of making a commitment to go with our services.

It’s been my experience that sometimes there is a great advantage to putting the conversation on speaker and having a third party listen in order to give constructive advice that would potentially offset some of the challenges that he was currently experiencing.

I heard it has been said that little things mean a lot and this certainly holds true when trying to win a potential customers confidence and convincing that certain individual why they should be using our particular St. Louis screen printing company instead of one of our local competitors. These little subtle differences in his approach to closing the deal can make an incredible impact that end up being the difference maker. I can remember back in the day when I first started out knocking on doors and looking for customers that I was a lot like him. Once I walked in that decision maker’s office and sat down, I would start talking and make the mistake of not letting this guy get a word in. So, one of the things that I had noticed was that he was doing most of the talking and this guy that he was trying to influence was doing the overwhelming majority of the listening. I suggested that he take a different approach the next time he is in an interview.

Over 58 years of life experience has taught me that more than not, a person’s favorite subject is normally him or herself. As soon as you walk into his office take a look at your surroundings. Notice what is on his walls and what is on his desk? Maybe it’s a fish which would indicate that this particular individual is probably a fisherman. You might start the conversation out by asking him, “I couldn’t help but notice what was hanging on the wall and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about that? Did you happen to catch that yourself?” Before you know it over 10 minutes is gone by and the guy is elaborating about that particular experience he had landing that monster. The end result of that initiation is that you have made a connection. He thinks you’re one of the greatest conversationalists ever and yet you hardly even said a word. The lesson to be learned here is that a lot of inexperienced salespeople have learned what to say and how to present it, but they were never taught the art of just how to be a good listener. You never said a word about custom T-shirt printing and yet you already influenced him and made a big first impression.

After he has warmed up to you . It’s time to start your presentation. You can make sure that he is educated on the fact that you are a local St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company who is more than capable of giving him an excellent finished product that is delivered on time and is going to be the best overall value compared to the many other St. Louis screen printing companies that are also trying to win his business.

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Turning an opportunity into a business

What began as a hobby has inevitably evolved into something much larger than that. I always knew that I wanted to be in business for myself, but I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do or how to go about it. There’s an old saying that says knowledge is power. That being said, I really didn’t have anyone to take me under their wing and mentor me. I didn’t have any real on hand experience in order to launch myself into the St. Louis screen printing business. I also didn’t have any financial backing.

I can remember many years ago, hanging out at a local shopping mall and just killing time. This was in the winter and I owned an asphalt paving company. It was very hard work and the fact that I actually had a shut down for three or four months because it was too cold to operate. What this meant for me was that I had to be able to earn a years worth of income in just eight months time. What even complicated the situation more is that I was just a 23-year-old kid going on two years of marriage and the father of a brand-new baby girl. It was one of the greatest times of my entire life but at the same time one of the most challenging and intimidating. That’s a whole lot of responsibility and pressure for a young man.

So like I was saying earlier, I’m just killing time at a mall people watching and I noticed about every third individual that walked by was wearing some type of apparel in the way of a custom T-shirt or embroidery on a hat or jacket.

At that point I got an epiphany. Even though I didn’t know the first thing about that type of application. I realize that I could sell it. I also knew that I wouldn’t have to look very hard for potential customers as it was something that everybody was already familiar with and used every day of their lives. I went to the store and got some business cards made up and just started knocking on various doors looking for someone who needed what I was selling at that particular moment. I soon came to realize that even though everyone used digital T-shirt printing they didn’t necessarily need it at that very moment in time. The overwhelming majority would just tell me to leave a business card and they would give me a call eventually when they were ready. I also quickly became aware of the fact that just talking to the receptionist was a complete waste of time. No matter how smooth my presentation was and how excited I made her, she had no authority to make a decision of any kind.

So after all that time and effort, it all came down to the fact that I would have to come back when the owner was available. Well that’s all that I have time for right now , but we will speak later and I will fill you in on how I eventually transitioned into the leader of the St. Louis screen printing and custom embroidery firms in this city of ours.

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Studying Your Competition in the Garment Decoration Industry

When first trying to break into the garment decoration industry,, there is a lot of different variables to consider. You don’t want to be one dimensional where you only are able to offer your potential client one type of application, such as digital T-shirt printing. The whole idea is to establish confidence with that initial order of whatever it might happen to be and then you can come back later and suggest that he also consider doing some custom embroidery. It’s so much easier to deal with an individual that you established a history with than it is someone whom you’ve never met before. You do not have to try and convince him that you are going to be capable of giving him or her an outstanding finished product because that confidence was already established on the initial order. At that point all you have to do is make suggestions. In other words, it’s a very soft sell.

There’s an old saying that a wise man has a multitude of counselors in fact it’s even scriptural. However, when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to do your research and collect all your data before you actually make the investment. There are no guarantees in any kind of business, because if there was everyone would be successful. Every move you make is going to be a calculated risk and whether it was successful or not is just going to be relative to your return on that investment. In fact, it’s not uncommon that you might not have instant gratification and success. Often, your approach has to be tweaked and it will evolve through time as well as experience.

I would recommend that you consider studying your competition. Check out some of the St. Louis screen printing companies that have been around a while and have stood the test of time. There is an old parable that says keep your friends close and your competitors even closer. The point I’m trying to make is that they can potentially teach you a lot. By taking this approach, you can avoid making a lot of the same mistakes that they made when they first went into the St. Louis digital T-shirt printing market. It’s almost like following a blueprint that they had already drawn up for you. Although the potential success that your trying to tap into his limitless, there are also possible downsides and risks. The point I’m trying to really drive home here is that you should do your homework and come up with a well thought out plan before taking on this kind of endeavor.

The screen printing and embroidery business is definitely an exciting one that has no boundaries when you really think about it. When you take the time to think about it, who do you know that doesn’t actually wear clothes? The answer to that is obvious.

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Starting a T-shirt printing company

There is a very old saying that reads this: “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.” After many years of running a successful St. Louis screen printing and custom embroidery company, one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned is that it is not important that you do everything well. There is a lot to be gained by a collective effort. I have become aware that there are some things that I am extremely good at and there are many others in which I do not do well. That being said, it is not important that I am proficient at everything that I do.

However, what is extremely valuable is that I recognized what I’m great at as well as the areas where I am lacking and need help. Because I am aware of this, I surround myself with a network of people who are just amazing and by doing so I am able to more than offset all my many shortcomings. There is no victory in trying to be a one man band. Even if I could do everything well there is no possible way that I would ever find the time to address all the many different components there are to building a successful St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company. Once an individual realizes the advantages of having talented people on your side and working for you there is no limitation to how far they can take your business. A good example of this is that when I first got into the screen printing business . I started out by trying to learn the art of production. I can remember going out and buying an old broken down press that didn’t work well. At that stage in the game I didn’t know a good one from a bad one because I had no experience. Every time I would pull the arm down and let go, it would catapult an ink filled squeegee across the room and it would hit the wall. Although I didn’t know much about how a good machine was supposed to operate, I had a very strong feeling that it was not supposed to do that. Fortunately, the very first job I ever landed was a white T-shirt printed with a red company logo on both sides. That’s about the easiest application one could have hoped for.

Although there were a lot those misprinted apparel, it was all behind the scenes and the customer had no idea. All he knew was that his order was filled on time and looked good. The bottom line is that I got paid.

I can remember going to a local shop not too far from the neighborhood which I lived and just watching them work. They made it look so simple and easy but for me it was anything but effortless. So I went up to the owner and mentioned that she would be willing to let me work next to one of her better operators for a few weeks. I would be willing to work for free and just help out around his shop wherever he needed me to. He agreed to it and I started to get hands on experience needed to do production. I never really mastered it, but at least they gave me a much better understanding of what it would take to process these jobs in the future.

We are a local custom digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery shop who has started with nothing and has worked our way to the very top and a leader in our field.

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Establishing a screen printing business

There are many different aspects when trying to establish a top-notch St. Louis screen printing company, but nothing more important than marketing, as well as sales. A business venture has to have balance in all areas and they all have to work together collectively as a finely tuned machine. An order going in is to no avail if it cannot get processed on time. There also has to be a protocol in place to ensure that each and every job is going to be processed perfectly and they are going to be no unexpected bad surprises when your customer comes to pick up his box of completed product.

Let’s take a good look at the sales element. By far, you spend a lot more time searching for someone who is actually in the market for digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery at this very moment, than you do trying to convince them why they should use your particular St. Louis screen printing company over all the rest of your competitors. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but I have always been a fan of maximum efficiency with minimal effort. For example, you can reach a lot more people using the telephone, than you can walking around industrial parks going door to door. That being said, it’s always best when they initiate the conversation by calling you first. How many different times a week do you reach out to someone or some type of business and you hear a voice mail greeting that goes something like this? “Hello there, but we’re not available to answer the phone right now. Your call is very important to us so If you reached this voice mail, please leave a detailed message and one of our helpful team will be faithful to call you back in a timely manner. Please wait for the beep.” That should be a huge red flag to the consumer right off the bat. Why? Because if they are not willing to answer their telephone when they think that you might be a potential buyer and in the market for custom T-shirts, why in the world would you expect them to be available in the event that there is a potential problem later on after the order has been placed or after you received your product?

On the other hand, an excellent salesperson absolutely wants to be able to speak audibly to his or her potential customer. He wants to find out as much as he possibly can concerning the potential of a new order in hopes that he can offset any potential challenges that you might be concerned with such as a limited amount of money to work with are needing a very quick turnaround. I’ve always found that e-mails as well as text messages are an excellent way to keep track of what was eventually presented as well is agreed on but there is no substitute for just verbal interaction. Please give us a call the next time you need some custom embroidery and digital T-shirt printing in St. Louis and we will be faithful to take your call and you can talk to a real person.

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Techology advances in screen printing and digital printing

When it comes to running a top-notch St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Just like anyone who is very good at what they do has a tendency to make it look easy, like anybody can do it. However, let me be very straight forward with you and say that is far from the truth. The most difficult part of any business is trying to find customers. You could be tremendous at whatever it is you do for a living, but if you don’t have anybody that needs exactly what you’re selling then you are quickly identifying yourself in trouble and in a compromising position. The key to this solution is learning the most efficient way to market and sell your product. I have always been a fan of the easy approach.

With the rapid advances that technology has given us, there has never been a more exciting time to be a self-employed entrepreneur in business for himself. Now that we finally have advanced into a day where information can travel around the globe at the speed of light, distance has become almost irrelevant. People would rather sit in their living room and work with a laptop from their couch rather then get in their automobile and drive half a mile down the street. There is a whole different dynamic. When shopping for St. Louis digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery than there used to be. It is him. It wasn’t that long ago when I actually would go into an industrial park and cold calls every single business. This was definitely effective but I would call it far from efficient. It came with a lot of different challenges such as it wasn’t uncommon for the owner or department manager to not be available. There was absolutely no point at all in giving your sales pitch to the secretary as even if she was interested in what it was that you a:e presenting, she had no authority to make any type of decision, let alone write a 50% down payment on a new T-shirt order. Our normal response was this: “We don’t need any custom screen printing right now or we already have someone who’s been doing are embroidery for a long time. You’re welcome to leave a card if you like.” Although I would opt to oblige her by leaving my business card, It was almost pointless because she never actually would show it to the owner and it would usually end up in a large stack with many others and very rarely would be on top when and if they even remember to look for it.

It’s a heck of a lot of work going from door to door and by the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. Reality concerning this approach was that most everybody we called on actually used screen printing and custom embroidery but they didn’t necessarily need it at that very moment in time. Nowadays, this equation has completely reversed itself because instead of me going around looking for somebody who needs my product at this very moment they are getting online and doing a relevant search and they’re finding us at that key moment in time when they actually need when it is were selling.

What an amazing time to be a St. Louis screen printing company. The overall potential is limitless.

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Marketing your screen printing company

Let’s take a good hard look at the amount of times throughout the soon to be passing year that you’ve considered different ways of marketing in addition to sell opportunities and promoting your St. Louis screen printing company in a way that differentiates and sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. I’ve heard it said by many experts that the typical customers attention span is less than 4 seconds. If you’re not able to capture it by then, they are soon long past your particular message that you are trying to convey. This is one of the reasons that simplicity is often the best approach when trying to influence their perspective buyer. If you’re like most digital T-shirt printing shops, you have a very limited amount of advertising dollars at your disposal so you want to be absolutely sure that you are spending them as wisely as possible in order to get the maximum impact for every single dollar spent.

When trying to navigate through all the different options at your disposal, it helps a great deal to have insight on the different pros and cons that come with each option. When it comes to marketing, anything you choose is going to be a calculated risk as there are certainly no guarantees. That being said, I’ve always been a big fan of low risk and high reward. In other words, some of these different options are going to be a lot riskier than others. One of the best overall values I have ever encountered is as simple as having a great website that is easy to navigate. This might not seem like rocket science, but you’d be amazed how many St. Louis digital T-shirt printing companies missed the boat when it comes to this. It’s very common that someone will find a source that offers them an extremely cheap website investment and it ends up being a big mistake. There’s an old saying that you get what you pay for. This is certainly no exception to that rule. Shopping for a bargain basement value can end up being penny wise and dollar foolish.

Another factor to take into consideration is that the quality of your site is not going to be anywhere near as important compared to the ability for your potential customer to find it. In other words, even if it happens to be an extremely expensive site to develop, if that particular potential buyer cannot find it when he’s doing a relevant search then it is of very little value. There is a good example, let’s say someone does the search for the term custom screen printing St. Louis, who do you see? You don’t necessarily have to be the very first one or two but if you’re not at least on the first page you can almost be assured that your particular custom T-shirt and embroidery company is not the one that’s going to get the call. Only a very small percentage of people ever even bother going to the second page let alone the third.

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Reminiscing about the “Good Old Days”

I can remember when I was just a boy and all I wanted to do was get older and now that I am in my late 50s, all I want to do is try and stay younger. Sometimes I like to entertain the thought of going back and trying to imagine how things would be different if we had the opportunity to do it all over again and then I eventually come to my senses and realize that there is no time like the present.

Never before in the history of mankind has there been any greater advantages than there is today. This not only holds true for your average person but even more so when it comes to running a successful St. Louis screen printing and embroidery company. By taking advantage of modern technology, it is fun to think of how I can apply it to custom T-shirts and apparel decoration. It’s a lot easier to make money than it used to be with all these new and different ways to generate income it’s important that we as entrepreneurs are able to tap into the many abundant ways to promote ourselves. One of the first steps towards doing this is to be able to identify not only what we are selling, but also who we are trying to reach. Most St. Louis embroidery companies are not doing this. This puts them at an extreme disadvantage right from the start. So let’s take a look at what it takes to better make the most of these opportunities.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned early on is that you can be a very fast digital t-shirt company out there but nobody is buying what you’re selling and you are quickly going to find yourself behind the eight ball and potentially, even out of business. Although there are are a lot of different components involved, there is nothing more important than the ability to convince a potential buyer that you are going to be the best choice when it comes to giving them the strongest overall value. Every business owner regardless of what it is they offer is well aware of the fact that there is always someone willing to do it for less. It has always been my opinion that any fool can give it away but it takes a salesman to sell it. Therefore, it’s to one’s advantage to be able to actually speak with your potential buyer face to face if at all possible. I realize that that is very rare and almost unheard of these days, but it really can make a great difference when it comes to influencing and making an impression on that person in order to win their confidence. At first glance this seems to be impossible. You’re probably asking yourself how can I possibly be living in one city and communicate face to face with someone who lives out of town ? The answer to this is easy. You need to remind yourself that we are living in the digital age where you don’t have to physically be there. That person could be on your computer monitor within seconds.

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