Screen Print vs. Digital: 5 Elements to Consider

February 20, 2019

Screen Print vs. Digital: 5 Elements to Consider

Choosing between screen printing or digital T-shirt printing can be very tricky. You must understand the exclusive benefits each method has to offer. Due to the technological advancements, the gap difference between these two methods has shrunken. However, there are still some factors which differentiate them, varying from one company to another.

Are you having difficulty in choosing between these methods for your custom T-shirt? Do not worry! We will discuss 5 key elements that you must consider before making the final decision.


Timing can be the most critical factor in making a decision between these two methods.

The conventional process requires creating stencils and combining them together in order to achieve the final result. This is a demanding and difficult job, the turnaround time is significant and it may take few days to complete an order.

Digital printing, on the other hand, requires no such arrangements and the turnaround time is extremely fast. By using this method, you can easily get your order completed in the matter of few hours.

Order Size

Silk screening is an ideal choice for large batches of orders with similar designs. Conversely, if you want to order only a handful number of tees, it will not be a financially viable option. Therefore, if your order size is not significant, you will be better off with its counterpart.


Well, the factor of quality can be very subjective as both methods have their own merits. If you want a seamless print on your T-shirt, which blends into the fabric, you must opt for the normal old way of doing things. While digital version can also be quite smooth on the lighter surface, it fails to deliver the same result on dark garments as it requires to form an under the base to retain the colors that are printed on a custom orders.


You must also consider the type of fabric that you are planning to customize. Usually, the cotton fabric is the ideal choice of fabric as it is compatible with both the options.

Having options can give you the freedom to choose from a variety of fabrics, such as polyester, bamboo, nylon, to name a few. However, when you are using counterpart, the options are fairly restricted as the only viable options for fabric include cotton and polyester, provided that no under the base is required in the process.


If you want to add a personal touch by designing every custom embroidery product differently using different colors and patterns, digital T-shirt printing could also be added and could be the right choice for you. This method will also provide better detailing, which is especially useful for producing designs that require precision such as logos, quotes, etc.

As we have previously mentioned, the process of screen printing is quite rigid and does not provide the company with much flexibility to create versatile tees for you.

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