Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

November 12, 2015

When it comes to marketing your St. Louis screen printing company via Social Media, you have a whole lot of options to consider. Also keep in mind that you have to put in your time. An effective campaign can often take up to 12 hours per week.

There are a lot of different options now when it comes to reaching people besides Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few tips in order use minimal effort with maximum efficiency. Keep in mind that all of them are geared towards reaching your potential customers but they are all unique unto themselves.

A new player has come on the scene that enables you to send posts over multiple accounts simultaneously thus saving time and effort. It has two versions in one and is free which enables you to test the waters with zero risk. Let’s face it. There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing anything and everything you do is going to be a calculated risk. That being said, some ways are a lot lower risk than others. In other words, free is good!

Instagram is another great option to consider. It is really helpful for natural messaging. It allows you to create a network as well as show off some of your talents. For example, let’s just say you had a custom embroidery job that you are very proud of. It allows you to take a picture of that particular T-shirt and display it for everyone to see.

Facebook is my personal favorite because it helps you to establish a following quicker than any other marketing vehicle that I’ve ever seen. It also allows you to engage your potential T-shirt printing customer in a very informal way inside a chat room. I would highly recommend that you set up a business page. You can also go the route of paid advertising, but this would be considered high risk with low reward.

As always, if you happen to be looking for a St. Louis Screen printing or St. Louis embroidery company, you should do yourself a favor and give us a call. We also cater to digital T-shirt printing.