T-shirt Purchasing Tips

April 11, 2014

When shopping for screen printing in St. Louis , keep in mind that just like shopping for anything else you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always the best overall value. After all, what good does it do you if you have a time sensitive event On August 7 and your T-shirt doesn’t show up till Aug 9th? There is a lot to be said for customer service, as well as dependability.

We would recommend that you acquire three competitive quotes from St. Louis-based T-shirt companies and then compare apples to apples and go with the best overall value. If there is a huge price spread between the highest and the lowest quote, then you should ask yourself, “Why am I entertaining the potential of working with a company that is going to stand behind their work, if there are any type of problems associated with the order?” For example, anyone can make a mistake. The difference between one T-shirt printing company and another is how they handle it. In other words, do they stand behind their work as well as their promise to get them completed on time? What type of checks and balances do they have in place in order to make sure that your tee shirts are processed correctly and delivered on time? How long have they been in business? Have you read any reviews concerning their past performance?

Our company takes the attitude that we would always rather error on the side of caution than make a mistake when it comes to processing your order. For example, we take the extra time to provide our clientele with a virtual proof of their completed T-shirt before we ever actually go to print them. Of course this takes longer, but it ensures that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way it should be before we actually go to start the screen printing process. In this way, if there does happen to be a mistake it is very easily corrected. When it comes time to open up a box of completed product that is not a good time to ask you how you like them.

When it comes to obtaining the very strongest value for every dollar spent, I believe there is no status in over paying. That being said, I don’t want to be penny wise and dollar foolish. I would much rather receive a great job for a fair price, than a poor job for an even better price.

Consider giving us a chance to bid on your St.Louis custom embroidery and silk screening requirements and we will then attempt to come to an arrangement where you are as comfortable acquiring your custom T-shirts from us as we are making them for you.