Technology advances in the Screen Printing and Embroidery industries

February 15, 2018

The last 15 years have ushered in an amazing amount of technology that has become affordable. These large steps forward in automation have allowed St. Louis screen printing to take advantage of what was never possible in the past with the consistent growth and advancement of digital applications on wearable items. The decorating industry in general has been overwhelmed with various types of embroidery machines and global decorating equipment for quite some time now. We have long been waiting for something that would literally shock the garment decorating industry as a whole and it appears that this time has finally arrived not just for the large shops with very deep pockets, but for the smaller mom-and-pop shops that are just starting up. What seems so far out of reach is now certainly obtainable. These new machines have the ability to not only apply ink, but also rhinestones as well as embroidery thread simultaneously. It allows the St. Louis T-shirt printing company to cater to their existing clients with a much larger range of customization options.

One of the major trends of digital T-shirt printing is the direct application to the textiles instead of having to use an indirect method such as a transfer. Those of us who were in the business know what a real time saver this is compared to the old way of doing things. One of the great advantages of having one piece of equipment that is capable of multitasking is that there is no need to go out and purchase separate components. Now it’s possible to just go out and acquire one machine that provides the business owner with everything they need to get started. This will often give you anything that you need to open the doors and start making money. One thing that it doe is cut down on the amount of employees that you need. This is a big deal because when you start crunching the numbers, you’ll be surprised that the cost of your press is not nearly as substantial as the individual standing behind it. There’s actually no comparison. Just take a worker that is earning $10 per hour and then times it by a 40 hour work week, then add up matching the Social Security, along with Workmen’s Compensation insurance. When you take all that into consideration, its obvious how much greater the overhead is compared to just going out and acquiring a digital screen printing press that is fully automated. Besides that, this state-of-the-art machine shows up every day for wwork without getting sick or injured and never complains. It also never requires getting paid for overtime.

We believe that out of all the St. Louis embroidery companies out there, we have the right tools along with an experienced staff to offer you the very best value for every dollar spent.