Techology advances in screen printing and digital printing

June 4, 2018

When it comes to running a top-notch St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Just like anyone who is very good at what they do has a tendency to make it look easy, like anybody can do it. However, let me be very straight forward with you and say that is far from the truth. The most difficult part of any business is trying to find customers. You could be tremendous at whatever it is you do for a living, but if you don’t have anybody that needs exactly what you’re selling then you are quickly identifying yourself in trouble and in a compromising position. The key to this solution is learning the most efficient way to market and sell your product. I have always been a fan of the easy approach.

With the rapid advances that technology has given us, there has never been a more exciting time to be a self-employed entrepreneur in business for himself. Now that we finally have advanced into a day where information can travel around the globe at the speed of light, distance has become almost irrelevant. People would rather sit in their living room and work with a laptop from their couch rather then get in their automobile and drive half a mile down the street. There is a whole different dynamic. When shopping for St. Louis digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery than there used to be. It is him. It wasn’t that long ago when I actually would go into an industrial park and cold calls every single business. This was definitely effective but I would call it far from efficient. It came with a lot of different challenges such as it wasn’t uncommon for the owner or department manager to not be available. There was absolutely no point at all in giving your sales pitch to the secretary as even if she was interested in what it was that you a:e presenting, she had no authority to make any type of decision, let alone write a 50% down payment on a new T-shirt order. Our normal response was this: “We don’t need any custom screen printing right now or we already have someone who’s been doing are embroidery for a long time. You’re welcome to leave a card if you like.” Although I would opt to oblige her by leaving my business card, It was almost pointless because she never actually would show it to the owner and it would usually end up in a large stack with many others and very rarely would be on top when and if they even remember to look for it.

It’s a heck of a lot of work going from door to door and by the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. Reality concerning this approach was that most everybody we called on actually used screen printing and custom embroidery but they didn’t necessarily need it at that very moment in time. Nowadays, this equation has completely reversed itself because instead of me going around looking for somebody who needs my product at this very moment they are getting online and doing a relevant search and they’re finding us at that key moment in time when they actually need when it is were selling.

What an amazing time to be a St. Louis screen printing company. The overall potential is limitless.