The Value of Great Customer Service

December 28, 2015

We understand and are well aware of the fact that we are not the only option in town when it comes to choosing a St. Louis screen printing and custom embroidery company. We know that you have many different options. Therefore we ask ourselves – what can we do to set us apart from the rest of our local competition? Well it all starts with creating some type of perceived value. There’s an old cliché that reads you get what you pay for. Well that’s all well and good if you just want to fit in with the rest of the T-shirt printing companies who’ve been around for at least 10 years or more. But we don’t just want to fit in, we want to do something to set ourselves apart from them. After being in the custom embroidery business for that long, we will assume that they know what they’re doing by now.

Anyone can give you a decent product, but it’s the customer service that sets one company apart from another. It’s also overall value. Here is how we do it. Let’s just say you are looking for some digital T-shirt printing and you are wanting a total of 25 pieces. We not only will give you a quote for exactly what you asked us for, but we will throw in something extra in order to give you that extra value that I spoke of earlier. A lot of times we will order a few extra pieces when ordering our blank apparel in case something gets ruined during the production process. A lot of the times, these jobs are time sensitive and we have a very short turnaround time in order to get them completed. In that event we don’t have time to break the press down and acquire some replacements for whatever it was that got ruined. We wouldn’t even get them to the very next day because they typically come from out of town and UPS doesn’t make their daily rounds until later in the afternoon. So what normally happens is there are no mishaps and the job ends up running perfectly which means we have some extra product left over.

Eventually, you start to acquire a very large inventory of blank apparel. We’ll take some of this extra stock and offer it to you as a courtesy at a very discounted rate in order to establish an incentive. None of our competitors do that so if all things are further equal and are given the option to get some discounted hooded sweatshirts, then you’re probably going to want to use us over the other guy. We get the overwhelming amount of our new clientele from good referrals. We also are aware that the same organization that might be looking for a St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company during the hot months of August will be calling us 4 to 5 months later for cold-weather apparel such as custom jackets. We take great pride in our work because we live and die with the repeat order as well as the good referral. Give us a chance the next time you’re looking for a competitive bid.