Top 10 Styling Ideas For Summer

July 8, 2021

Top 10 Styling Ideas For Summer

It might be surprising, but we have reached the first anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you’re staying in St. Louis, MO or elsewhere, mandatory masks, moderate traveling, reduced concerts, and restricted dine-ins, we have seen it everywhere. However, with things gradually opening up and adjusting to the pandemic lifestyle, people are finally setting up their wardrobes, routines and life in general around the pandemic regulations.

While summer has finally set in, it’s time to revamp your closet with a few summer outfit ideas, and you’ll instantly get the feeling of exuberant joy for coming back to life.

Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about embracing basic summer outfit or finding new ways to style them. Every different piece of clothing in our closet has pivotal importance, but the era of interesting outfits will never fade away. We’ve rounded up ten popular styles that will inspire you throughout the summer.

  1. Pair it up with a nice looking skirt:

Catch the breeze by pairing up a summer blouse with a cool looking skirt that flows along with the wind. Seek out for something that’s tiered and bright, making it perfect for both lunch dates and official meetings, with comfortable fitting apparel following a dip of the ocean.

  1. Dress it down with skinny jeans:

In St. Louis, summer is a great excuse to take out your most reliable outfits, and there’s no better combo than attractive digital t-shirt printing combined with skinny jeans. Consider pairing dark skinny jeans with any thing you like, creating a comfortable yet classy appearance.

  1. Classic denim shorts:

If you have a classic sense of humor, invest in a few structured denim shorts. Wear it with a basic top in order to compliment the look by tying a silk scarf around your neck and tie it all together with elevated flip-flops sandals.

  1. Professionalize it with a blazer:

Often, the summer season can be fickle, and you might have shoved your jackets and coats in the trunk. A blazer will help to style you up for a more formal look. Consider wearing a polo with decorated custom screen printing that has cute animals on it and throw on a classic blazer to professionalize the look.

  1. Create a chic look with a camisole dress:

Create a delightful blend of trendy and classy look by wearing a camisole dress over a basic top. Pair it up with your favorite footwear, either sneakers or sandals, accessorize it with a delicate layered necklace, and you’re good to go.

  1. Custom Screen Printing combined with a fitted skirt:

Besides a flowing mini skirt, a fitted dress is equally versatile summer garment, and when paired up with the right accessory, it looks flawless. If you’re heading to a concert or any youth event, consider getting some digital t-shirt printing design on your tee.

  1. Chunky boots with an over-sized top:

With the hottest days of summers, the optimal solution might lie in your closet. An over-sized top paired up with shorts and combat shoes looks overwhelmingly impressive. You can prepare your classic look by adding a few graphic designs through conventional screen printing.

  1. Basic tee with a maxi:

A versatile silk maxi with a white dress hasn’t disappointed us yet. Considering how strong the apparel can be with the help of accessories and a few extras, we can entirely rely on the outfit until the warmer season exists.

  1. Stand out with leggings:

Forget about keeping the appearance precise; go bold when it comes to a summer outfit. Keep it consistent with a with flattering leggings. You can rock the look by adding a cozy embroidery pattern to your casual wear.

  1. Shoe accessory is a must:

Whether you’re heading to the office or having lunch with friends, you can wrap a pair of sneakers or chunky boots that goes amazingly well with every custom outfit. Complete the look with complimentary skinny jeans or denim shorts, as you please.