We Love Referrals and Repeat Business

April 25, 2016

The key to any successful St. Louis screen printing company is to keep the customer coming back for more. We keep good records of where our sales come from and how people find. Through this, we discovered that a very large percentage of our overall business comes from the repeat customers. It is 10 times easier to deal with someone that you have dealt with before and have a history with than someone that doesn’t know you. When you go into a sales interview with someone brand new that you have never dealt with before, you not only have to sell them on your pricing as well as a good product but more importantly you have to sell them on yourself. With the repeat customer, this is already been established long ago. They are already very confident in your ability to deliver quality digital T-shirt printing on time. Much of the time they’re calling you on the phone and they just simply say something to the effect of just screen printing more of the same T-shirts that you made for us last year. We normally keep the films archived and can pull them and reuse them on future orders.

Unlike many of the other St. Louis embroidery companies, we normally like to have a completed sew out on hand that we can pull when it comes time for the reorder so that we can match the threat color. Custom embroidery is all done by computer and the first thing that needs to take place is that the image needs to be given to our digitizer that creates the software that tells the computer how to sew it. An excellent digitizer has the ability to create the illusion of depth by using different types of stitches and placing them in different directions where it gives the illusion that it is three dimensional even though it is applied to a flat piece of material. Hats are different because they need to be sewn on a radius. What works on flat items such as jackets doesn’t always work on a finished cap. However, if we know that you might be considering doing some hats in the future, we will often be able to create that software where it will work on both. This will allow you to avoid having to create a different tape later on down the line. You can reuse this for many years to come as long as the image does not change in any way, shape or size. This tends to lend itself to our customers coming back years after the initial sale.

The overwhelming majority of our new customers find us by getting on their computer and doing a relevant search such as St. Louis T-shirt printing company. We are normally somewhere on the first page. They then click on us and that takes them directly to our website. Sometimes they will fill out the free quote request and other times they will actually give us a call. Unlike many of our local competitors, we actually answer our phones. Please give us a chance the next time you are in the market for some custom embroidery and we will prove to you why we get so many people coming back for more.