The Secret To A Great Embroidery Job

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Sometimes there is a very fine line between what makes a St. Louis embroidery company great instead of just average. Often it's the little things and attention to details that make all of the difference. The main component if I was to bring it down to just one thing, it would be clear and concise communication combined with eagerness to actually talk to a real person instead of being limited to just text and emails. In fact, I would go as far as to say that when you call up a local Saint Louis screen printing & embroidery company and you are forced to leave a message then that should be a big red flag. When you really think about it, if a t-shirt printing company is hesitant to answer their phone in real time and they think that you are in the market to potentially place a sizable t-shirt order, then how much less likely are they going to get back to you in the event something unforeseen happened and went wrong?

We actually want to talk to her customers as there's so much to possibly be gained by audible communication. The custom embroidery industry, like most others, have gone the route of trying to take the human element out of the sales equation. We are very aware that so often things can get complicated and various challenges have to be addressed and overcome such as time sensitivity and limited budgets. People might call us up and say I saw a certain style of apparel on your website and wanted to know what it would cost to get our logo applied to it. It's not uncommon for us to say we can certainly give them a price for that particular item, but often their interest might be better served if they consider looking at this or that as an alternative. So often, you will be paying a premium for brand names, but the generic alternative can be obtained for a fraction of that cost and it's pretty much the same item. I love giving my customer alternatives as I would rather make a suggestion and have them say that they don't like that idea than not be educated on different alternatives.

There's an old saying that knowledge is power and these type of suggestions can be extremely helpful, especially when trying to work with certain budget restraints. I also like to educate our customers to the process, and make them understand that digital t-shirt printing and embroidery are not Magic. It takes a certain amount of time to process the order especially when certain protocols are followed in order to ensure satisfaction after the job is completed.

The very first thing that needs to happen is there needs to be a piece of software written that will tell the computer how to sew your logo. Once this is established, we send you a virtual example in order to make sure you like the way it looks and then if that's to your liking, we actually take the extra time to sew it on a piece of fabric. The reason we take this extra step is because not everything that looks good on a computer screen will lend itself to a clean application. Once it's approved, then we could start putting it on your product. Not every company takes the extra time to follow this type of protocol. However, the fact that we do is the main reason we have so many great reviews and get so much repeat business along with referrals.