Embroidery T-Shirts

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We have recently expanded our company's services so that we can better cater to the St. Louis embroidery market. We are now capable of catering to the most difficult and challenging embroidery designs. We have been catering to the screen printing needs of St. Louis customers for many years now and are looking forward to meeting your custom embroidery requirements as well.

This now enables us to be a one stop shop. Our company has access to the latest, state of the art equipment and technology that our industry currently offers. We can offer our customers a large variety of specialty applications ranging from direct to garment applications to custom patches. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through and explain the entire production process from start to finish. They will give your job the same respect and attention to detail regardless of the dollar amount spent. We are well aware that even if your order is a small one, it's going to be just as important to you as a very large order would be to a major organization. Therefore, we will give it the same respect and attention to detail as if you were one of our most important clients.

In these days, embroidery is all done by computer and the first step in this process is to give your logo to our digitizing artist and he then creates the software that tells the computer how to sew it. A great digitizing artist has the ability to create the illusion of depth by implementing different types of stitches in various directions. If done correctly, it can take on the characteristics of a three dimensional image even though it is on a flat surface. No matter how well the image is applied, it will never be any better than the software that tells the computer how to apply it.

As a courtesy, we will often create the software where it will not only work on flat goods, but will also work on hats. An image created just for flat goods will not always work on a radius. However, if we know there's a possibility that you might consider needing hats later down the road, then we will create one piece of software that will lend itself to either application.

We believe that knowledge is power when shopping for T-shirts and corporate apparel, and our experienced team can help provide you with the practical working knowledge required so that you can acquire the very best overall deal possible.

If you're looking for a St. Louis based company that can get your job done with excellence, you need to give us a call.