Sunburst Logo, is a St. Louis based supplier of custom screen printing and embroidery specializing in T shirts through out the St. Louis and St. Charles area. We also cater to St. Peters Mo. and O'Fallon Mo. Our approach at business is very simple: We believe in communicating with your customer in order to pin point objectives. We have established solid customer relationships. We understand that the best advertising is word of mouth. We rely on the repeat order. The same customer who orders short sleeve T-shirts now will be ordering long sleeve tee shirts in a few months when the weather changes. Sunburst Logo is now catering to the St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield Mo. St. Charles Mo. St.Peters Mo. and O'Fallon Mo. market areas. Our outline in business philosophy is as follows: Strive to achieve excellence in customer relationships through communication and delivering an excellent product with superior quality and value.

Mike, when and why did you establish, Sunburst Logo?

I founded Sunburst Logo approximately sixteen years ago because I saw a large need for screen printing and embroidery on T shirts in the St. Louis area. I truly believed that if I could really communicate clearly with my potential customer and then together identify their needs, then I could develop a viable t-shirt market. It worked well.

Who is your normal every day run of the mill customer?

Our every day bread and butter customer will ask us to bid on custom screen printing for their tee shirts or custom embroidery on their hats, golf shirts or jackets. We have discovered that the over whelming majority of our new clientele finds us on Google and or Yahoo. We have a great web site but we were educated that even though the quality of our site is very important. It is not nearly as important for the ability for people too find us when they do a relevant search like screen printing St. Louis or t-shirt printing St. Louis Mo. We view it as we are fishing for customers and you use the exact same bait in order to catch a huge fish as you do small one. In other words our typical order could range any where from between one dozen to one thousand pieces. We do not have a set way of doing things, because our customer base is so vastly diverse from one and other. We pride our selves in the ability to be flexible. We give the small tshirts the exact same respect and attention to detail as the very large tee shirt orders. We understand that the customer who happens to only needs twelve or so shirts is usually on a very limited budget. Their investment is going to be just as important to him or her as a large corporation's massive tee shirt order is going to be to them. There fore we are going to give it the same respect and attention to detail because we understand that it's all relative. We believe that being sensitive to our customers need and goals is what distinguishes Sunburst Logo from most other custom screen printing and custom embroidery companies in St. Louis.

How does Sunburst Logo typically communicate with customers?

We get the bulk of our work two ways. The first way is repeat business. The same customer who orders now will call us back in four months when the season changes. In other words, they will go from custom screen printing on a short sleeve tee shirt to custom screen printing long sleeve tee shirt, or they will go from custom embroidery on short sleeve T-shirts to custom embroidery on long sleeve denim shirts Maybe even embroidery on caps or visors to screen printing winter scarves. Over time we have also learned that a repeat custom screen printing customer is usually going to be much easier to deal with than a first time custom screen printing customer. Why?

The first time you deal with a customer, you are not just having to try and sell him his or her custom embroidery or custom screen printing, but first and foremost you have to sell him your self. You have to convince him that you are going to be worth him taking a chance on you to get his order to on time and looking great. The repeat customer is already confident in your ability to deliver what you promised. After that confidence has been established, the repeat order is as simple as repeating his last order or just change the style shirt.

Could you describe your product line?

We carry a huge product line which consists of a combination of over two thousand different shirts, caps and jackets. These will range from what those in the screen printing industry refer to as a disposable carnival tees that or normally very thin and fall apart after just a few months of normal wear and tear, to extremely high-end designer brand shirts such as Bill Blass, Izod, etc. worthy of the highest quality embroidery. No choice is right or wrong. It simply relative to what the custom is trying to accomplish and what kind of message he is not trying to convey.

Why would a potential customer want to work with Sunburst Logo over a competitor?

There are many reasons why you would prefer to work with Sunburst Logo on your Custom embroidery and Custom screen printing projects. One of the more important ones is that we provide new custom embroidery customers with a finished sew out of their digitized embroidery before we actually apply it to the t shirts hats or jackets. This way there is never a surprise when you open up your box. If some thing needs to be tweak or it an adjustment does need to be made then it is not a big deal at that point. We can simply edit the logo and provide you with another embroidery sew out for your approval. Then and only then, do we start the embroidery production process. Surprisingly, this is not common industry standard.

Another reason is simply value. At Sunburst Logo, we encourage you to go ahead and compare our quote to at least two or three of our competitors, to make absolutely sure that you are getting the best possible value out there. We do this with confidence. When dealing with a new embroidery or screen printing customer, we feel that unless you have some thing to compare your quote to, how would you know if you have a great value or not ? We almost always try to bring some thing extra to the table in addition to the original quote request in order to create a much stronger perceived overall value that our competitors never even thought to volunteer. This is very help full when establishing a first time customer. Once we complete that first order, the repeat orders usually just take care of themselves. They are almost automatic. It also goes a long way towards getting referrals. So regardless the size of your custom screen printing or custom embroidery order you can rest easy that even a small order will be given the same respect. As if it was a large tee shirt order. It will be produced by professionals who have over a million logos of experience behind them.

Please introduce your staff.

Our custom screen printing and embroidery staff has well over one million embroidered sew outs under its belt. We also realize that the finished embroidery is never any better then the digitizer who created it. There is a huge difference between one digitizer and another. A great digitizer has the ability to throw the stitches in different directions in order to create the illusion of depth. This allows the image to become almost three dimensional and jump off of the tee shirt, while still remaining clean, sharp and crisp. For example, when establishing embroidery for a hat, a good digitizer will understands that a hat is a round and is going to embroider very differently then flat goods will. A cap logo will always work well on a tee shirt but a t-shirt shirt logo wont always work well on a hat. A really good digitizer can create an embroidery logo that will work well on each. This will save you the added expense of having to pay for an additional embroidery tape later. We can also do specialty embroidery applications such as puff and even specialty embroidery threads such as neon, metallic, and glow in the dark threads.

Our custom screen printing staff also has well over 1 million screen printing applications under their belt. They are used to having access to the finest state of the art screen printing equipment that our industry has to offer. They are more capable of handling 24 t shirts or 2,400 hundred tee shirts. We can also offer spot color screen printing as well as ten color simulation screen printing. We use manual as well as automated press, capable of printing as many as 400 T-shirts an hour, ten colors at a time. We can also offer your a large variety of specialty custom screen printing effects such as glow in the dark, metallic, puff and high density screen printing techniques.


Mike Fadem, Owner

Let's start with our reputation. We have over sixteen years of providing tshirts for Saint Louis, along with a whole lot of screen printing and embroidery experience behind us. Let's look at it this way. You just aren't going to be in around for that long if you don't know what you are doing! We use the latest T-shirt screen printing techniques as well as use what is considered to be our industry's latest and best equipment. What this does is allows us to not only print the easy tshirt jobs but also cater to the most challenging tee shirt applications. Many of these t-shirt logo's are quite complicated pieces of art. We take a lot of pride in being able to do a lot of the jobs that a whole lot of other St. Louis tshirt screen printing companies can't do. Our work ranges from the most complicated, 50 different color designs to the simple 1 color screen printing designs. We also serve St.Charles Mo. O'Fallon Mo. St. Peters Mo. and Colombia Mo.
We would be more then glad to furnish our Saint Louis clientele with a free no obligation bid on your tshirts and any other type of garment. Our web site is very easy to navigate on. Our on line catalog has thousands of different types of T-shirts hats and jackets to choose from. Just go ahead and email us your image and let us know how many of what kind of tee shirt or hat you prefer. Tell us if you prefer screen printing to embroidery. And we will get you your free no obligation bid with in 24 hours. Its that simple. We're a St. Louis based company that also serves St. Charles Mo. and Columbia Mo.
Sunburst Logo really knows its way around a T-Shirt! It sets the Gold standard when it comes to screen printing a tshirt as well as embroidery in St. Louis Mo. and St. Charles Mo. O'Fallon and Colombia Mo. Why would you go any where else for your tee shirt needs?
Hello, I am Mike Fadem, and I own Sunburst Logo also know as T-shirt St.Louis. We are a custom t-shirt screen printing and embroidery company for approximately 300 customers in Saint Louis area and surrounding mid-west region. We supply the tee shirt needs for prominent Midwestern corporations and organizations in St. Louis tshirt printing and St. Charles and O'Fallon Mo.
We specialize in catering to the t-shirt screen printing a tshirt embroidery needs of local companies clubs and organizations through out St. Louis St. Charles Mo. Columbia Mo. and the greater Saint Louis area.