Company Insight

We are a hometown, St. Louis T-shirt printing company. That's right, we're actually located right here in town. This lends itself to quicker turnaround time and saves on costly shipping charges when it comes time for the product to be delivered. It also gives us the advantage to give our customers the option to come over and actually view a physical embroidery sew out before we start to apply it to any product. Most out of town screen printing companies will send you over a virtual example before they actually start production. This will help to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way you prefer it to be, but what it doesn't do is allow you to see an actual representation of the colors involved. Every computer monitor is calibrated differently and what you see might not be an accurate representation.

We realize that we are not your only choice when it comes to figuring out who you want to work with. Here are 3 major criterion to help you figure out which firm is going to give you the best overall value when choosing a St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company.

The first is price; we are so confident that we can give you the best overall value for every dollar spent that we recommend that you compare our quote to at least three other St. Louis screen printing companies in order to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. After all, how would you know if that was true or not unless you have something to compare it to?

The second criteria is clear and concise communication. Many of our competitors have taken the human element out of the equation. They use an automated bidding tool on their website where you upload your company logo and it gives you a price based on quantity and the amount of colors that are involved. They never actually have to talk to the customer. Our approach is very different. We actually want to talk to our customers. The more we know about you as well as your potential time and budget limitations, the better chance we have of figuring out solutions to overcoming those challenges. If you call a custom screen printing company and they don't answer their phone, then there should be a red flag right from the start. Think about this, no one is perfect, and anybody can make a mistake. The difference between one silk screening company and another is simply the way they handle it. A quick response is vital when addressing the problem and if they don't answer their telephone for a potential buyer, how much less likely are they going to answer their phone if there is a problem?

The last issue is dependability as well as protocol. We always try to follow the same system of checks and balances regardless of the size of the order or the amount of money being spent. This will help to ensure that there are no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product. Even if you're only looking for 12 T-shirts we will give it the same respect and attention to detail as if you were wanting 1000 pieces. It's all relative and we will make you feel like you are our most important customer. So remember us when you're looking for a St. Louis custom screen printing and embroidery company as well as digital T-shirt printing and top quality silk screening.