Sunburst Logo Testimonials

"Thank goodness there is a custom screen printing and embroidery company out there that finally seems to understand the needs of the small business man. Sunburst Logo gave us the respect and attention to detail as if we were one of their largest clients. We only required a small run of 12 pieces and none of the other companies I called would even call me back. We're not going to be small forever. They proved themselves faithful in delivering the small order. We will remember that in the not too distant future when we have grown."

"These guys made it so easy. I was able to conduct the whole process for my kitchen table. I simply pulled up their website and clicked on their online catalog. After browsing through what seemed like 2000 different T-shirts, I finally was able to identify a few for them to quote. I emailed them over our logo along with the quantity and style number and within 24 hours I received my bid. I am of the opinion that you can't appreciate a good deal unless you have something to compare it to - apples to apples.I called up four other silk screening companies in the St. Louis area in order to get some competitive bids to compare it to. As it turns out, they were by far the best overall value. So I emailed them the go-ahead and then they instructed me to get on their site and click the online payment in order to give them a 50% deposit (they use PayPal). The next thing I knew, I was receiving a virtual proof of my company logo on the different tee shirts that I picked out. They educated me to the fact that starting out with good clean artwork was vital. No matter how well they printed the T-shirts, the finished product will never be any better than the art that it originated from. They also informed me that this was normal protocol and the reason they do this is to make sure everything is spelled correctly and laid out just the way I wanted it. I asked them if they can make it just a little bit larger and within 20 minutes, I received two different renditions. I picked out the one that I liked the best and gave them the go ahead to proceed. About two days later, we received an envelope along with a completed swatch that not only had my logo but it was on the same color material as the T-shirt that I picked out. It looked great to me, so once again I called them with the go ahead. The owner happened to answer the phone and he explained to me that the reason they take the extra time to mail out a completed swatch is that when it comes down to actually running the order, they would rather error on the side of caution than risk getting it wrong. When it comes time to open up the box of completed shirts, that is not a good time to ask how do you like them. By that time it's too late. They are finished and it's a done deal. I have to say that even though their process seemed to be a bit redundant, I definitely appreciated the fact that they took the extra time to do this. About five days later my custom screen printing order was ready and they told me that since I was located in St. Louis that they would bring out the shirts free of charge. I then got back on their site went to online payment and proceeded to process the balance. The entire process could not have gone any smoother. It's great to know that customer service is still alive and kicking at Sunburst logo."