Choosing A T-Shirt Company

Here are four things to consider when trying to navigate which St. Louis screen printing company you want to work with.

Number one: Are they really here in town or are they located out-of-state? Just because a company has a website that shows up when doing a relevant search does not guarantee that the work is actually done in town. We are not saying that an out-of-state company is not capable of processing your order, but we are saying that it can definitely complicates things, especially if the job is time sensitive.

For example, if something were to potentially go wrong, would the out-of-state company stand behind their work? Even if they were going to try and make it right, would they be able to address it in time?

It's been our experience that anybody can make a mistake, but the difference between one reputable company and another is the way they handle it.

Number two:
The second would be protocol. Because we are located in town, we give our customers the option to come over and actually see the first T-shirt coming off the press. If they liked the first one, then they will most likely be pleased with all the rest of the run because everything is running off of the same screens.

When you open up a box of completed product, that is not the time to ask you how do like them. At that point they are completed and there is nothing else that could be done to address a potential problem. This is just not possible when dealing with an out-of-state custom embroidery company.

Number three:
How long has this company been around? There are a lot of T-shirt printing companies that are here today and gone tomorrow. We are a St. Louis screen printing company that lives and dies on the repeat orders as well the referrals. The reason that I mention this is that if you happen to need more tee shirts three months down the line, we have your films on file. What this means to the customer is there will be no set up fees on repeat orders as long as we are using the same images that were used on the initial order.

Number four:
Check out the references and reviews on social media sites.

We realize that we are not the only St. Louis T-shirt printing company out there. We encourage you to acquire at least four other competitive quotes before making your decision regarding which one you choose to work with.