A Heartfelt Note to All Fundraisers

My name is Mike Fadem and I am the owner of Sunburst Logo. We supply St.Louis, St Charles Mo., and St. Peters Mo. with much of it's custom screen printing, embroidery. When you look at the guy walking by and he happens to be wearing a tee shirt with a company logo, there is a good chance that we printed it. We also cater to all types of clubs and organizations including collages in St. Louis, St.Charles Mo., St.Peters Mo., Kansas City, Columbia Mo. and Springfield Mo. I was born and raised here in St.Louis and as a community-minded St. Louisan, and I am very dedicated when it comes to trying to cater to the needs and special requirements of those of us who are trying hard to greatly improve our city by way of custom screen printing and embroidery on custom t-shirt apparel, custom screen printing on soft ball uniforms company tshirts and family reunion tee shirts. We have taken a very pro active role by helping get in involved partial sponsorships for many different types of fund-raising where t-shirts printing required. We have found that in this current economy people usually appreciate any help that they can receive. Some times we can get pretty creative when it come to helping out as a custom t-shirt sponsor. Especially when dealing with a customer in St. Louis, St.Charles, Kirkwood, Bridgeton, Creve Coeur, St. Ann, Florissant, O'Fallon St. Peters, U-City as well as Kansas City and Springfield Mo. and Columbia Mo. That means Sunburst Logo believes in giving back. We absolutely love net working and often find a way to compliment the effort of our customer by besides just giving them a great looking tee shirt for a great price. So remember Sunburst Logo for all your screen printing and custom t-shirt and embroidery needs.

When it comes down to the art of screen printing on t-shirts as well as embroidery we our experts in promoting your logo. It is our goal to set you apart from the rest your competitors, and above all, clarify your message loud and clear. We most certainly understand that the way you dress is a huge deal when trying to influence a potential customer. We have found that regardless of how good you are at what ever it is you do , nothing happens before the you land the job. When you trust Sunburst Logo custom screen printing and tee shirt to convey your image, you can rest assured that you have made a very good choice. Why? Here is why.

In a word flexibility. We are more then able to bend and not break. We understand that even a very small custom screen printing or custom embroidery order is just as important to the success of a small company or organization as a very large one is to a major corporation and we treat it with the same respect. It's all relative. Therefore we are committed to giving it the same respect, great service and attention to detail in spite of limited dollar amount allocated to the t-shirt project. We know this is very important. For example we know you don't like surprises so we always provide you with a finished sew out before actually start screen printing the t-shirts. By approaching it this way, this will help ensure customer satisfaction. We also strongly encourage our customers to compare our prices with at least 3 of our screen printing competitors. From a customers perspective it never hurts to do that. How do you know that your getting a great deal if you don't have any thing to compare it to? Our flexibility policy allows us to adjust our prices to your custom screen printing and embroidery requirement to give you an over all stronger value. We live and die with the repeat order. We would be very open to considering how we might be able to work together and get involved as a partial sponsor. It all begins with communicating. Our staff will work with your people to try and put together a plan of action that will benefit every one involved. We will try and structure a pricing schedule that will accommodate most any budget. Please visit our website at www.SunburstLogo.com. Do your beneficiaries a big favor. Consider a link to Sunburst Logo screen printing and embroidery apparel on your website. Your designated organization will be as grateful to you as the staff at Sunburst Logo. We want St. Louis, St. Peters, O'Fallon Mo., St.Charles Mo., Colombia Mo., Kansas City, and Springfield clients!

In short, we want your tshirt business! Sunburst Logo understands what you're trying to accomplish. We are respectful of your goals, and believe that we have the experience and direction regarding custom tshirt screen printing and embroidery to help your company or group succeed in this challenging economy environment. For flexibility,and just an over all good deal, you can count on Sunburst Logo tshirt screen printing and embroidery for your company tee shirts, team uniforms. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Mike Fadem,
Owner, Sunburst Logo

Let's start with our reputation. We have over sixteen years of providing tshirts for Saint Louis, along with a whole lot of screen printing and embroidery experience behind us. Let's look at it this way. You just aren't going to be in around for that long if you don't know what you are doing! We use the latest T-shirt screen printing techniques as well as use what is considered to be our industry's latest and best equipment. What this does is allows us to not only print the easy tshirt jobs but also cater to the most challenging tee shirt applications. Many of these t-shirt logo's are quite complicated pieces of art. We take a lot of pride in being able to do a lot of the jobs that a whole lot of other St. Louis tshirt screen printing companies can't do. Our work ranges from the most complicated, 50 different color designs to the simple 1 color screen printing designs. We also serve St.Charles Mo. O'Fallon Mo. St. Peters Mo. and Colombia Mo.
We would be more then glad to furnish our Saint Louis clientele with a free no obligation bid on your tshirts and any other type of garment. Our web site is very easy to navigate on. Our on line catalog has thousands of different types of T-shirts hats and jackets to choose from. Just go ahead and email us your image and let us know how many of what kind of tee shirt or hat you prefer. Tell us if you prefer screen printing to embroidery. And we will get you your free no obligation bid with in 24 hours. Its that simple. We're a St. Louis based company that also serves St. Charles Mo. and Columbia Mo.
Sunburst Logo really knows its way around a T-Shirt! It sets the Gold standard when it comes to screen printing a tshirt as well as embroidery in St. Louis Mo. and St. Charles Mo. O'Fallon and Colombia Mo. Why would you go any where else for your tee shirt needs?
Hello, I am Mike Fadem, and I own Sunburst Logo also know as T-shirt St.Louis. We are a custom t-shirt screen printing and embroidery company for approximately 300 customers in Saint Louis area and surrounding mid-west region. We supply the tee shirt needs for prominent Midwestern corporations and organizations in St. Louis tshirt printing and St. Charles and O'Fallon Mo.
We specialize in catering to the t-shirt screen printing a tshirt embroidery needs of local companies clubs and organizations through out St. Louis St. Charles Mo. Columbia Mo. and the greater Saint Louis area.