Ink Jet T-Shirts

When it comes to putting an image on to a tshirt there is more then one way to go about it. Ink jet is a very good option to entertain especially when your t-shirt order is a small run or has a whole lot of colors.

We would strongly recommend considering the use of digital ink jet application when a design has a great deal of gradients of colors, or when an image require a photographic finish where screen printing just cant even come close to duplicating a high enough resolution. We would also recommend digital or ink jet on small runs of tee shirts of less then twelve at a time. It will save you a whole lot of money on color separations as well as bunch of screen charges.

Will digital ink jet applications have a plastic feel to it on my t-shirt?

Not if it is applied with a water-based tshirt ink. Digital ink jet transfers are usually quite a lot softer to the touch than a plastisol screen printing ink. Since it is a water based ink it actually sinks in to the cotton of the t-shirt and becomes part of the shirt it self. Plastisol screen printing ink will sit on top of the t-shirt, resulting in a soft feel to the touch.

How does an ink jet application last compared to a normal screen printing application?

An ink jet application is just as durable as any screen printing.

In fact it will usually out last your every day screen print done with plastic ink. Plastic in will tend to crack after time, where a water base tshirt will does not.

Will the colors be as vibrant with on an ink jet tee shirt?

Yes it will. Its very similar to an ink jet printer that works on paper, but instead of feeding it paper it is printing on tee shirts. You will get a consistency that is vibrant and holds perfect registration every time.

What about the image peeling or cracking?

Relax, It's not going to happen. We use water based ink in our machine. The longevity is even better then screen printing. We usually try to recommend an ink jet application when the quantity is low or if there are more then 3 colors on the design.

Do you have any ink jet jobs that you have done for other orders that I can see?

Yes, we have lots of ink jet tshirts that we have done for other customers that we can show you.

How much do ink jet tee shirt cost?

There are many different thing that we consider when putting together a quote. Just for example,, How many t-shirts are you going to be ordering at a time? Also what color is the tshirt that you are wanting?

Every piece of art work is going to be unique unto itself. So we bid every thing custom. We will make a genuine effort to try and work with you with in your means so that you hopefully be as comfortable acquiring your tshirts from us as we are going to be printing them for you. All you have to do is email us over your image along with the amount of tee shirts your going to be needing along the color of the tee shirt and we will be able to have a quote back to you with in 24 hours. Many times even the same afternoon.

Just remember that the finished product wont ever be any better then the art work that represents it. We recommend you scan it in at least 300 dpi.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me personally a live screen printing and embroidery professional be mere then happy to answer any question that you might haves.

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