About Sunburst Logo

We are a St. Louis embroidery and screen printing company that caters to the wearable requirements for approximately 250 customers in St. Louis and neighboring St. Charles area.

Our forte is direct to garment logo application for local companies, clubs, and organizations throughout our city.

We pride ourselves in the ability to bend without breaking. Our consistent approach is to give each and every order we process the same respect and attention to detail that it deserves. We're mindful that even a small custom screen printing or embroidery job is going to be viewed as an important component to the success of a small organization as a much larger order would be viewed to a major corporation. This is why we treat even the smallest orders with the same protocol what ever the dollar amount spent.

It is our customer service that sets us apart from the rest of the t-shirt screen printing and embroidery pack, as well as the many years of hands on experience of our embroidery and screen printing staff. Here is an example. We are well aware of the fact that it takes a lot of time and extra effort to provide our St. Louis embroidery customers with a finished proof before actually going to press, but we know that when it comes time to deliver that box of completed shirts that it is not the time to ask youthe question of how do you like them. Believe it or not, this is not the normal way of doing things in our industry, but the exception. This is just one of the many steps of checks and balances we provide in order to help make sure that our customers are well satisfied throughout the entire process from start to finish. We are so confident that we are going to present the best overall value that we encourage our potential customers to acquire at least three other competitive bids before making their decision regarding of who they are wanting to work with for their custom t-shirt needs. Why would do we do this? Because of this reason. How would you know that you are getting a great embroidery deal unless you have something to compare it to?

To sum it up, we are very mindful that you have many other options when it comes to St. Louis embroidery and screen printing. We know that conveying your organization's image is a very big deal! We're aware that you not only want to find a great price, but you are also needing the job done correctly without any hassles. This is especially true in this challenging economy. So don't forget, if you're searching for quality, integrity, superior value and above all, a great looking finished tee shirt, you can count on us for St. Louis shirt printing and embroidery at it's very best.