St. Louis Screen Printing

We're a St. Louis screen printing company that specializes in the application of silk screening on T-shirts for many different businesses and organizations throughout our city. Our average customer will vary from major corporations to a small church wanting T-shirts for their youth group. We understand that in this uncertain economy, everyone is trying to acquire an edge. Therefore, we believe communication is an extremely important component when trying to come up with an effective strategy geared towards helping you to acquire the very most you can for every dollar spent on your screen printing requirements. We are a screen printing company that prides itself in our ability to bend without breaking.

We realize that even the smallest T-shirt screen printing request is going to be considered a vital part of conveying your image. This is why we promise to give the small orders the same respect and attention to detail that it deserves. We understand how important it is that our customers find a way to set themselves apart from the rest of their competition. Our normal ordering protocol is for us to submit a virtual proof of your completed artwork to our customer before we ever take the job to the press. This system of checks and balances helps to make sure that everything is going to be spelled properly and laid out to your liking. In this way there will be no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of finished T-shirts. There is an old saying in our industry. If you don't have time to do the job right in the first place, how in the world are you going to find the time to do the job over again? Believe it or not, this is not the usual way of doing things throughout the custom T-shirt industry. This is just one of the many steps we take to make absolutely sure that our clientele are satisfied before the job is ever completed. By following this protocol on the initial order, it lends itself to repeat orders and often referrals later down the line.

Another attribute that sets us apart from the rest of the St. Louis screen printing and embroidery crowd is confidence. We would recommend to our customers to go out and compare our custom t-shirt prices with at least two or more of our St. Louis screen printing competitors. Why would we do this? In a word, confidence. We realize that we're going to be able to submit the strongest overall value for every dollar you spend. To summarize, St. Louis T-shirt company gets it. We realize that the look of professionalism that your organization is trying to convey is extremely important. We understand that you not only want a great price, but you are also needing the order done correctly and delivered in a timely manner. We also realize that we are not the only tee shirt screen printing company in town. So we will not only give you a quote on exactly what you as for, but we will try to bring something extra to the table as a courtesy in order to act as an incentive.