T-Shirt Printing Our Way

In order to set ourselves apart from the rest of the St. Louis T-shirt printing industry, we have tried to put ourselves in the place of our potential customer and ask ourselves, "What is it that we would be looking for if the shoe was on the other foot and we were the potential buyer?". The first answer to that question would be overall value. It has always been our perspective that there is no status in overpaying. That doesn't necessarily mean that cheaper is going to be better, but it just means that we want to get the very best deal for our money all things considered. We would want to have at least 2 to 3 competitive quotes to compare to each other so that we are confident that we are getting the very best deal possible.

Next on our list is to find someone that we are comfortable dealing with. It would be important to us that when we reach out with a phone call, that we get a real person that answers our telephone. With today's technology impacting every sector of our economy, it seems that the human element has been taken out of the equation. A lot of our custom screen printing competitors have gone with an automatic bidding tool that doesn't require a real person. We, on the other hand, want to actually speak to our potential customers.

The typical T-shirt shopper often has challenges such as time sensitivity and a limited budget to work with. The more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we are going to be able to come up with a plan of action that will lend itself to overcoming these obstacles and create a scenario where you are as comfortable acquiring all of your custom embroidery from us as we are providing it for you. We live and die on the repeat order along with the good referral. It has been our experience that if we do our job correctly, that the repeat orders will take care of themselves. It's our hope and our mission to work with the same organization repeatedly year in and year out. A repeat customer is much easier to deal with than someone that we have never dealt with before because at that point we have already established a history. We also have archived your films from the last job and can pull them and reuse them again as long as the image or logo did not change. For the finest in St. Louis T-shirt printing, custom embroidery, and digital tee shirt applications, give us a call and let us prove to you that we can live up to the hype.

Mike Fadem