9 Printing Methods for T-shirts

April 7, 2021

9 Printing Methods for T-shirts

The evolution of technology has transformed the world of digital T-shirt printing. Many new techniques have emerged over the past few years all thanks to the increased accessibility of tutorials, ideas and techniques on the digital mediums.

Whether you are beginning your St. Louis screen printing firm or want to be a retailer of blank garments, you need to specialize in various techniques and methods/ideas. Some ideas are appropriate for specific fabrics, which is why it is quite important to understand the different methods, digital t-shirt printing being one of them.

Several St. Louis vendors have opened up around our city and are offering varying services at amazingly low costs. wheather you are looking to obtain in bulk quantity for a cause or you are looking to set up a business, here are some top ideas that might help.

  1. Opt for Screen Printing methods:

Screen-printing is a popular technique. Humans have been practicing this technique for decades and now it is done both on machinery and domestically. The reason for its popularity is that inks utilized in this technique are much more durable and thicker than others.

  1. Heat Transfer method:

Heat transfer printing involves laying sheets of relocating material on top of the garment and pressing the heat on them to apply custom graphics to the t-shirt. The beauty of this method is that it creates no mess and requires minimal maintenance.

  1. Dye-Sublimation Printing method:

The dye-sublimation method is one of the famous variations of heat transfer printing because of how it works. Unlike the other printing techniques, dye-sublimation assists with dye-based inks that transform into a gas when heated.

  1. Printing Plastisol Transfer:

The plastisol transfer process is very much related to screen-printing. However, you can fit various designs on a single transfer sheet, and after cutting, you can print them separately.

  1. Direct to Garment method:

The DTG methods specialize in a placing a high-quality photographic image that goes directly on the apparel. The DTG method is appropriate for designs that are too complex for other garment decorating methods.

  1. Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing ( CAD):

The CAD method is generally used for printing the numbers, logos and names on to the CAD vinyl material and then pressing the heat on sports shirts. The advantage of vinyl is that you can easily apply it on every fabric.

  1. Discharge method:

Discharge is a different type of method applied to 100 percent cotton garments. The process is expensive but provides a vintage effect that appears appealing to the eyes.

  1. Stencil method:

Applying stencils to print on the fabric is labor intensive, especially when many shirts are piled up. A complication with the method is the limitation in the kinds of design you can utilize. However, it does give a tank top a very unique outlook. The stencil method is also gives a facade of embroidery on the fabric.

  1. Resist Dyeing method:

In the resist method, the tee is wrapped in threads in places where you don’t require the color, and then it’s dyed. Generally, the manufacturers opt for small embroidery because of the thin knit fabric used to make shirts.