Establishing a screen printing business

June 28, 2018

There are many different aspects when trying to establish a top-notch St. Louis screen printing company, but nothing more important than marketing, as well as sales. A business venture has to have balance in all areas and they all have to work together collectively as a finely tuned machine. An order going in is to no avail if it cannot get processed on time. There also has to be a protocol in place to ensure that each and every job is going to be processed perfectly and they are going to be no unexpected bad surprises when your customer comes to pick up his box of completed product.

Let’s take a good look at the sales element. By far, you spend a lot more time searching for someone who is actually in the market for digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery at this very moment, than you do trying to convince them why they should use your particular St. Louis screen printing company over all the rest of your competitors. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but I have always been a fan of maximum efficiency with minimal effort. For example, you can reach a lot more people using the telephone, than you can walking around industrial parks going door to door. That being said, it’s always best when they initiate the conversation by calling you first. How many different times a week do you reach out to someone or some type of business and you hear a voice mail greeting that goes something like this? “Hello there, but we’re not available to answer the phone right now. Your call is very important to us so If you reached this voice mail, please leave a detailed message and one of our helpful team will be faithful to call you back in a timely manner. Please wait for the beep.” That should be a huge red flag to the consumer right off the bat. Why? Because if they are not willing to answer their telephone when they think that you might be a potential buyer and in the market for custom T-shirts, why in the world would you expect them to be available in the event that there is a potential problem later on after the order has been placed or after you received your product?

On the other hand, an excellent salesperson absolutely wants to be able to speak audibly to his or her potential customer. He wants to find out as much as he possibly can concerning the potential of a new order in hopes that he can offset any potential challenges that you might be concerned with such as a limited amount of money to work with are needing a very quick turnaround. I’ve always found that e-mails as well as text messages are an excellent way to keep track of what was eventually presented as well is agreed on but there is no substitute for just verbal interaction. Please give us a call the next time you need some custom embroidery and digital T-shirt printing in St. Louis and we will be faithful to take your call and you can talk to a real person.