Fashions for Fall and Winter in Outerwear

September 3, 2014

Well, the change of seasons is coming upon us again. We know that there is actually another month or so of summer to go, but all the retailers are clearing out of their summer clothes and bringing in the new fall line. The same goes for custom screen printing and custom embroidery. As the cold months are coming soon, companies are putting in their orders for their employees for their outerwear.

Outerwear encompasses jackets, fleece, hoodies, and the like. There are so many options as far as fashion and styling that were not available in recent times. Moisture wicking or Dri-fit materials are among the materials that are being incorporated in outerwear. For example, the moisture wicking material may be in the armpits of a jacket. Also, a heat retaining type of material may be in the chest area. There have been so many advances in technology in the garment industry. The consumer’s desires and demands have driven this.

Our custom screen printing customers and embroidery customers are placing their orders now for their needs in the fall and winter. They are ordering long sleeve t-shirts and outerwear garments, such as jackets, hoodies, and fleece. We would love to talk with you concerning your needs for silk screen printing and embroidery on all your garments. We have very knowledgeable sales people that are ready to receive your call and help you through the entire process of ordering. We could give you wonderful suggestions and advice. If you are in the St. Louis, MO area, please do not hesitate to call. We answer our phones seven days a week.