Good Reviews Are Essential

January 1, 2024

Let’s touch on the importance of a great review. First off, when it comes to internet marketing there are various criteria that are going to determine whether or not it’s your website and not your competitors that end up showing up first when someone does a relevant search. Nobody knows exactly how the major search engines work when it comes to prioritizing one website over another. However, one thing that I strongly suspect is that they give a lot of credit to a St Louis t-shirt printing business that happens to have hundreds of reviews and a 4.9 compared to one who hardly has less than 10 and a 2.5 rating. I believe it’s one of the search engines objectives to make it a helpful and pleasant experience to their clients when looking for whatever it is that they’re trying to find. Therefore, it’s kind of common sense that they would give favor to a good review ratings report over a bad one.

I suspect that the more reviews you have the better, but also they need to be positive ones and not negative. I can remember a few years back when a guy happened to call me about getting a quote for an upcoming project he had out of town. I asked him the normal typical questions that are required in order to give him a quote. I proceeded to ask him if he would be kind enough to email his logo over so I can view it. I needed to see how many colors it was composed of as well as the intricacies of the image itself. For some reason he did not want to do that. I then proceeded to tell him that I cannot bid a project of that size without actually seeing the logo first as I didn’t want to bid it blind. For some reason this guy got offended and hung up. I happened to notice about a week later that he gave us a negative review and that one bad review actually brought down our score from a perfect 5 down to a 4.9. I can’t tell you how frustrated that made me, especially when we never even did a job for this person. It just goes to show you, no matter how good you are at whatever it is you do and how hard you try to give excellent customer service, they’re always seems to be that one guy who no one can please or is easily offended and therefore wants to try and hurt you. I guess that’s just business though.

The lesson I learned was to have thick skin. Try not to let it bother me that much and simply move on. I hope this series of helpful tips when trying to establish a custom Screen Printing and embroidery company has been helpful. When they refer to the internet as the World Wide Web, it certainly puts it in a appropriate perspective. It really is a small world out there compared to what it used to be. With the digital advantages that technology has given us, it’s more exciting than ever to be an entrepreneur and start up your own successful business. Is it easy? Absolutely not, but it is doable and arming yourself with the correct knowledge is paramount.