Start up of Digital t-shirt printing company

February 1, 2023

So, you’re entertaining the thought of starting up a St Louis digital t-shirt printing company. There’s a hard way and a smart way to go about doing things and I’m a huge fan of low risk and high reward. There’s also pros and cons, as there’s no guarantees in any business venture that it’s going to be successful. It all comes down to a calculated risk.

That being said, there are many reasons that I like this particular industry. One of the most significant reasons is that everybody wears a shirt or a hat or some type of wearable item that typically has some type of either custom embroidery or screen printing on it representing either a brand or a message of some kind. Another thing I like about it is that here in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest we have something called seasons. This means the same organization that bought short sleeve T-shirts a few months ago is now going to have to change over to long sleeve apparel. The point I’m making here is that you can take the same customer that you’ve already established confidence with and simply call him up and ask if he’s going to need to reorder for the cold weather approaching. More than not, you will already have his logo established as well as archived and it’s just a matter of pulling it and reusing it again as long as it did not change in any way shape or size.

The first time you dealt with that individual you not only had to sell them on your product, but you also had to sell him on your ability to do a good job and get it done in time. The reorder is so much easier because you’re already familiar with each other and that confidence is already been established. That is, in my opinion, what I would call easy money. My custom embroidery company lives and dies by the repeat order. Sure, we still get new bid requests every day from folks with whom we haven’t ever dealt before, but you just love it when that phone rings and it’s a individual whom you’ve dealt with before and they’re just calling you up again because they need some more digital t-shirt printing done. Having your own company is not all wonderful, but it certainly does have its advantages over punching a time clock.