Starting with good clean art work

May 30, 2017

Starting out with a good a good clean image is extremely important. We will forward your artwork to our art department where they will make the determination if it needs to be cleaned up or not. If necessary, we re-illustrate it and convert it into a vector format. Once this process has been done, you not only can use it for your current T-shirt printing requirement, but also apply it to future projects such as signage and banners.

We have a protocol of checks and balances that we follow from the very beginning of the production process in order to make sure that you are going to be very well satisfied long before you open up a box of completed screen printing. Believe it or not every St. Louis T-shirt printing company does not follow the same protocol. The very first step is to put together a virtual example of how your custom T-shirt is going to appear. This step is to help ensure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way you prefer it to be. If there is something wrong, we catch it way before we ever put it on the press. We also are capable of providing additional features that enable you to take your custom screen printing and embroidery to a whole other level, such as individual biodegradable plastic bags and inserting labels on the inside of the neck. We also use good solid boxes so your product will arrive intact and look its best. Most of the time we use plastic inks as that is the norm for our industry, but we are also able to cater to specialty applications when needed such as water-based and digital T-shirt printing. This technique enables the garment to feel a bit softer. Water-based materials actually soak into the fabric and become one with it. Unlike the conventional plastic ink which does not penetrate the material, but sits on top. It feels a bit stiffer and is more likely to crack sooner.

When submitting your artwork or photographs. We would encourage you to scan it in at a very high resolution, such as 300 dots per inch created in the same size that you would like it to appear. Again, the finished product is never going to be any cleaner or look any better than what it originated from. The reason we mention this is this. If you take something that’s very small and you start to enlarge it, it will start to distort. Please keep this in mind the next time you need a quote for a St. Louis digital T-shirt and screen printing company. We believe that we have the right approach to not only giving you a superior product , as well as working out a scenario where you’re going to be as comfortable acquiring your custom embroidery from us as we are providing it for you.