Why Digital T-Shirt Printing is the Best Option

November 2, 2018

Why Digital T-shirt Printing is the Best Option

The majority of the imprinting business is looking for solutions to produce higher color output with shorter runs. The custom St. Louis T-shirt industry is, therefore, inclining towards the digital printing. Industry experts believe that it is mostly inspired by the idea of mass customization.

This trend has also created a market for highly-customized tees in smaller quantities. The customers also wants to imprint any photo they have on their apparel without compromising quality, which is very difficult to achieve using other processes like silk method, etc.

However, many businesses have been holding back on incorporating this modernized method in their screen printing, custom transfer business. This is because they have heard several misconceptions about its operating efficacy. The most common ones include:

  • Maintaining its equipment is very time-consuming.
  • The ink costs are very expensive.
  • It is not very quick

These are only some of the myths that are surfacing on the internet. However, these are either bias opinions or information that is based on outdated data.

Therefore, we have created a list of benefits of digital T-shirt printing over the conventional silk process.

Smaller Print Works – It is an ideal choice for businesses who want to run prints in smaller batches. Especially when the printing work is frequently required in the very small volume of custom tees, it makes an ideal choice.

High Quality – It offers high-quality and consistent result compared to other options like offset. The colors quality is flawless and no harsh lines problems are incurred. The quality of the first item off the press is the same as that of the last.

Timeliness – The process is as simple as using the home printer at your home. It allows the company to reduce the turnaround time resulting in a quicker delivery of the final product. Screen printing, on the other hand, require stencils which consumes a lot of time hence delivering this fast is not possible using faster screen printing process.

Cost-effectiveness – As there are no plates involved in the production process, there is no need for the big amount of investment in the equipment. It also means that there are low variable costs per single job like providing samples or completing one-off orders.

Customization – It provides the most affordable and versatile options when it comes to the customization. The advanced software gives you complete control over the process, allowing you to tweak every inch of detail and shaping it as you originally intended. It is specifically useful in embroidery work where precision is very important.

The final words

No requirement of creating plates or producing large batches makes digital printing an ideal option for the companies. You can also get a single print and highly tailor your tees as per your requirements. The process is very advanced and does not require a heavy investment.

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