Why Should You Wear Cotton T-shirts in St. Louis

September 19, 2019


Cotton is the most common material used in articles of clothing, and for some good reasons too. The unique advantages and properties of cotton make this fabric one of the most popular choices in clothing. Due to its versatility, you can wear a cotton top with your favorite jeans, with a beautifully applied custom embroidery application on a skirt, or a pair of straight pants.

Here are some reasons why most people prefer to wear articles of clothing made from cotton.

  1. It Has Cooling Properties

Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture and sweat from your body. Thus, your skin is able to stay dry and ´breathe’. During those days when it gets hot and humid, a cotton tee is just what you need to help you stay comfortable and cool.

  1. The Material Is Soft

You can use our imagination and have a St. Louis screen printing company design your own cotton top. If you want, you can even get some custom embroidery on it to make your tops stand out.

  1. It Is Hypoallergenic

Rarely does anyone get an allergic reaction from wearing an article of clothing made from cotton. In fact, those who have sensitive skin are recommended to wear these cotton tees over a blend .

  1. You Can Get A Custom Screen Printing Design

Some fabrics do not allow you to have custom designs imprinted on them. If you want to get a design embossed or get embroidery done on your top, cotton is the material on which your designs will come out best. You should consult a reputable St. Louis digital T-shirt printing company to help you create your very own motifs and patterns, which you can have imprinted on your tee.